I love NY


This past weekend I spent in New York City with a couple of my friends. I love this city and definitely wish that I went more often. The last time I was there was last December. It was lovely to see the City all “Christmasfied” (Hello Home Alone!) but I think I liked it better this time around. Early Autumn is the perfect time for a visit.

We ended up staying at the Hudson Hotel. Initially they gave us the smallest hotel room in history (which I later heard, is what the Hudson is known for). Three girls in a room with one bed and no room for cases is not my idea of fun. We finally ended up with a fab place to call home for the weekend. The dim lighting was hard to get used to at first but once you adjusted, the Hudson is love. Loved the green-lit esclators, the library bar room and the vending machine (hello, $295 sequin skirt!). The location was also great: about a five minute walk to Central Park and within fifteen minutes you are at 5th Ave and 58th (with time even to grab a Starbucks on the way).

The reason that we picked this weekend to go to NYC was for Fashion’s Night Out which was on the Friday. We got dolled up and hit the streets, along with every fashionista in the city. It was like Halloween and I loved the people watching. We drank champagne while browsing shoes, scrutinized what Nigel Barker looked like in real life (I say, better on tv) and had a great time.

The rest of the weekend we spent walking and walking. We hit what felt like every store on 5th Ave before heading down to Soho to do more walking/shopping. We ate lunch on a terrace on Mercer Street and dreamed about living in the neighbourhood. I later met up with new friend, Chris Buck, and his family in Chinatown where we talked photography and ate gelato. With the encouragement of Chris’ wife, Michelle, I then took the subway back to the Hudson all.by.myself. #proudmoment

Saturday night we hit the Ace Hotel which I had been dying to see. It reminded us of the Drake but I loved the atmosphere better. The people there were a thousand times friendlier. We drank Prosecco and ate the best grilled cheese ever. I may have to go back to NYC soon just to experience that again. We got back to the Hudson late and found a dance party in the hotel bar. It was tempting to join in but I was also slightly scared of the people there.

Sunday was our last day and we made the most of it. Stopped at Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes (I may or may not own a Magnolia “I cupcake NY” shirt. I swear it was a gift!) and had an amazing brunch at a little French place. We then hit up my favourite – the Museum of Modern Art. I could get lost here for an entire day. I visited the room with my Mexican artists, taking special time to look at my girl, Frida’s piece. There was also a great exhibit on female photographers and I saw some of my favourites including Diane Arbus and Dorthea Lange. Although I noticed some greats absent from the exhibit, including one of my ultimate favourites, Mary Ellen Mark.

It rained that day and we discovered something: it is nearly impossible to get a taxi in NYC in the rain. For three experienced traveling girls, we really should have known better. We made it to Penn Station just in time to catch a train to Newark Airport. While on the train, in the rain, listening to The National’s High Violet album (is there even a more appropriate album to be listening to at at time like that?!), I realised how lucky we had got with the timing for everything. We arrived at Newark to find our Porter flight had been delayed. Not a problem, it gave us time for a beer and nachos. All in all was a great trip and definitely felt longer than three days.

Travel notes:
– I love flying Porter. I cannot tell you how much I love it. From being able to take the subway there from my place, to the coffee/free wi-fi at the lounge, to the Porter outfits, the food, the Steamwhistle, the great service, I love it all.
– When buying clothes/shoes in New York – anything under $110 is tax-free!
– As mentioned previously, it is nearly impossible to get a taxi in the rain in NYC. Leave plenty of extra time, for real.
– When flying into Newark airport, don’t be silly and take a $100 taxi to Manhattan. Take the air train/New Jersey Rail to Penn Station. It only costs $15 and is super easy.

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