Melbourne Cup

One of my new favourite things is Melbourne Cup. My trip Down Under was planned so that I could attend the big event. I was told that it is the day that shuts down the Nation and I was excited. I was sure to stuff my fascinator in my suitcase before leaving Toronto.

The Cup was everything that I imagined it to be: lots of pretty dresses, fancy shoes and elaborate headpieces.  Champagne flowed from personal-sized bottles and everyone consumed a lot of it.  Let’s just say never before have I seen so many extremely intoxicated people (well, other than that weekend in April in St. John’s, Newfoundland during the Juno’s!). It rained on and off but it just made for more fun as the ladies trampled the mud in their fancy shoes.

Besides the awesome fashion, there was the horses and the races (I almost forgot the true purpose of the day, so sidetracked by the ladies’ attire). My only bet for the day was on the main race. I choose a horse whose name I liked and of course, lost miserably (I am pretty sure that it came in last place).  All in all, awesome times. Loved that day and would love to do it all again. If you ever get a chance to go to Melbourne Cup, please do not pass on it.

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  1. So cool you got to see this Jess! It’s a HUGE deal over here and even here on the West coast in Perth it stops the nation! For the record I rocked a pink frock with a big black fascinator that I adore!!!

  2. Lord! I read about this in all the tabloids as you were there – I can’t believe you went! Glad you had a great time. The dresses and style are fantastic over there!

  3. Ohpana Discovery Tours says: Reply

    How fun is all I can say. What a great excuse to rock some extreme head gear. Glad you had the chance to particpate in the festivities and were properly prepared with your um fascinator?

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