Australia | Healsville Sanctuary + Yarra Valley, Victoria

When I was in Australia I was basically obsessed with Kangaroos and all animals Australian. The Marsupialias are such unusual animals and I wanted to see them all. While driving in the country I was constantly looking on the ground for kangas and in the trees for koalas. At night, my eyes would be exhausted from all the looking. My first kanga spy was, unfortunately, a dead one on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. I was amazed by how large it was and could only imagine the damage to the car that had hit it. Luckily, my next sighting was a few days later in a field in Queensland, near Brisbane. There I saw a family of five kangas hanging in the shade of a tree. From that point on, we saw kangas here and there but never a koala. Since they only eat eucalyptus, I guess that they are a little more unusual to see in the wild.

My last day in Australia was naturally a little rainy and grey. We headed to the Yarra Valley with the plan to hit the Healesville Sanctuary where I would at last see a I loved the Sanctuary. The animals were in a more natural environment than a zoo. I could stare at the koalas whilst they ate eucalyptus and slept. I saw kangas hop and could then understand how they maneuver around. I saw Emus and an Echidna (we had seen one at night on the road in Byron Bay but it was nice to see it in the daylight to actually, uh, see it). Koalas are such cool and special animals. I did not realise until going to Australia, that I had never seen one in real life before. I suppose zoos cannot house them due to their specific diet. Because of this, it was that much more cool to see them living and breathing.

Back to my obsession with birds: there was a great show of birds of prey at the Sanctuary. The birds were incredible and the wingspans of them were huge. I loved this owl. I also loved how the Brogla below who tucked his head in so tight while having a nap (but still being able to spy on who was photographing him!).

After visiting the Healesville Sanctuary, we headed to a couple of wineries in the Yarra Valley. I love wine and I love visiting the places that they are made.

My favourite winery of the ones that we visited was definitely Train Trak. Not only was the wine great, but I loved that they had a moose head mounted on the wall. I also loved the quote on the chalkboard, “In victory you deserve champagne. In defeat you need it.” All of the wineries that we visited had great restaurants so if you do visit, I recommend stopping for a meal (or two!).

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  1. Hey Jessica
    Pity you didnt pop by and visit us at Tokar Estate.
    We love to have new visitors and show them what we have to offer.
    Our chefs really are producing some of the finest food in the Yarra Valley

    1. There is always next time! You can also hire me to come and photograph for you…. 🙂

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