ThinkTank, I think I love you.

I am pretty loyal to a brand of anything if I really like it. When I do find a brand that I love a lot, I gush about it to everyone. While I do not deny being a nerd in any respect, I really try to keep this quality of mine underwraps. However, I must confess to my love of the camera bag masters – ThinkTank.

My love for the company began when I first bought the Pixel Pocket Rocket. I was looking for some sort of holder to carry all of my compact flash cards in one spot. Most of the holders that I found only held a few cards and were too big for my liking. When I found the Pixel Pocket Rocket, my heart melted slightly. Swoon. It holds ten compact flash cards plus has a spot for your business cards. When shooting weddings, I actually use this as my wallet as well by putting in my credit card, driver’s license and a little money. This baby is always attached to me when I am shooting so if one day my gear gets stolen, at least I will have all of my images on me. (Fyi, I do not plan on having my gear stolen, I just think of these things and act cautiously as a result. Also, this is why if you are a professional photographer, you have insurance!)

My second ThinkTank purchase was one that I had pondered for a while, a long while. I saw the Airport International V 2.0., loved it and walked away to think. I asked my fellow photographers what they thought. I looked at it again and finally I went for it. When you are spending $500 on a camera bag, you want to make sure that it is a good match.

I had been wanting a rolling camera bag for a long time. After photographing for a very long day, my body was often achy the following day and I blamed that feeling on lugging gear all day. Taking the gear weight off of my back and shoulders was the best thing that I could do. I travel a lot and often travel with my gear. This bag holds my entire camera kit (2 bodies, lenses, pocket wizards, flashes, battery chargers, hoods, reflector, etc.) plus it is sized to fit as carry-on luggage for any flight. I love that.

Bonus: this bag also acts as a snowplow. 😉 I photographed a very snowy wedding in January and learned that by lugging this beast through the snow, it created a nice and clean path for my bride to walk through. You can see images from that wedding here.

My most recent ThinkTank purchase was the Retrospective 20. Someone had tweeted about this bag in the early fall and I was dying to purchase it since then. Us Canadians had to (patiently) wait for it to be available here since our American buddies got it much earlier than us. I had been wanting a smaller bag to carry just a small kit of equipment. Something that was light and easy. What I love about this bag is that it does not look like a camera bag. It looks like a plain messenger bag and has very little branding on the outside. It has many convenient pockets to hold things that I would normally carry in my handbag and it even fits my iPad in the back zippered pocket. Inside the actual bag I can fit a camera body with a lens on it, an extra lens, a flash, my Pixel Pocket Rocket and extra batteries. It is perfect for shoots that will have you walking around, say on a cold and snowy February afternoon (my day yesterday!). 🙂

All in all, I love ThinkTank. I think they are a wonderful company who have some very smart and practical products. Swoon. Heart. Love.

Just a fyi, I bought all of my ThinkTank products from Henry’s.

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  1. Sold! THANKS 🙂

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