What I am Loving

1) Love ‘n a li’l x’s + o’s. This past long weekend was spent with some of the most awesome people in my life, aka my second family. I realise that not everyone is lucky enough to have a best friend and I bet even less people are lucky enough to have had the same bestie since the age of six. Well I am a lucky one. My bestie has been just that since grade one and through the fun and sorrows over the past twenty-five years, we have stayed that close. We know everything about each other, we know what the other is thinking, when she is feeling down, when advice is needed and just what that advice should be. Bestie knows best. Wendy is one fabulous lady and so is her family and circle of friends. This weekend was spent with all of them and I loved it. I feel I came back from the weekend healed in all ways that I needed.

2) Writing. I have always scribbled down everything in my life. Recently when I was tidying up my joint, I found a box of all my old journals. While I didn’t crack any of them open, I smiled knowing what was inside. I always have a notebook on me and I often have a few on the go for different purposes. I have a more personal journal for all my top secret information, one for more business-type scribblings and a tiny one that I carry in my purse for those “just in case” times. There is something about actually putting pen to physical paper and writing out your thoughts that I love.

3) Target. Yes, we will eventually be getting these lovely stores here in Canada and then the novelty of them will wear off. But for now, I love Target. A trip to Buffalo this past weekend included a little shopping. I picked up a great twenty dolla’ holla’ dress and an awesome reversible bikini. Cannot wait to sport that sucker in Cuba – imagine the possibilities – reversible!

4) Hockey. A couple of weeks ago I took my Dad to a Leafs game. I had never been to an NHL game before, yet my Dad used to play in the league back in the day. We had really great seats and it was a lot of fun. I am not one who truly follows a team or sport but I have much appreciation for it. (i.e. I play soccer and therefore I love the TFC but I do not know when they win a game, unless I am at said game.) Since my Dad used to play hockey, that sport was a big part of my family’s life. I learned to skate when I was basically two on a homemade outdoor rink (hello Canada!). We used to always go to the Junior A or OHL games growing up. I love hearing my Dad’s stories about playing hockey back in the day. My favourite is the one when he was playing for the NY Islanders and they played a game at Maple Leaf Gardens. My little farmer of a great-grandfather drove all the way to the “big city”, bought himself a ticket to the game and watched it. When it was over, he hopped back in his truck and drove home. My Dad did not find out until weeks later that he had been at the game.

5) My CBC Radio 3 Scarf. You love it and wish you had one. I hear it all the time. I love this puppy. It’s cozy and special. I got it at CMW last year. Follow them on twitter and maybe you, too, can get one. 🙂

6) Kiehl’s Yerba Maté Tea. I think Kiehl’s is the bee’s knees. I love a lot of their products. I love that when you buy something from them, they give you samples of their products for you to try. Which is obviously brilliant since, of course, you then fall in love with the sample and then have to buy more. This is exactly what happened with me and the Yerba Maté Tea line. Sample test = heart swoon = sold. This line is designed for any skin type and will leave your skin super soft. Seriously try it out.

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  1. thanks again for sharing Jess. Totally enjoy your loves.

    1. Aww thanks, Pati!

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