What I am Loving

It is the time of year when things feel pretty grey. The weather sucks, the snow keeps coming, it’s cold, you’re tired, you hate everything, you question what you are doing in your life. T’is the season!

Rather than focus on the negative, I am trying for the positive. Here are somethings that I loved in the past week.

1) Fold & Play speakers. They’re made out of cardboard and they are adorable. You fold them yourself and they magically work without power. They are perfect for playing YouTube videos on your iPhone.

3) Tanlines. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a tanner. I do not promote it by any means. However, I am a pretty pale lady who is covered in freckles so if I ever get any sort of colour (besides the addition of new freckles), it makes me a wee bit happy. I do wear SPF 60 religiously whilst lounging on the beach but somehow the sun reached me on my recent trip to Mexico. The greatest tan line from this trip: the magazine tan. Love that rigid corner outlined on my thigh.

3) 2Do. After a little encouragement, I recently got an iPhone. Next step was loading it with applications. I am a huge fan of writing lists on paper and pen. I always have my notebook in front of me when I am working at my office and I love crossing things off the list once I complete them. (Hey! I’m a virgo!) I was apprehensive about getting an app to act as my to do list but I am so glad that I did. I love it. The app I ended up with was 2Do. It allows for different categories and locations (so if you are in the neighbourhood of an errand that you need to run, it will remind you). I love it. I may be a geek but I do. It is encouraging me to accomplish so much more in a day.

4) Hey Rosetta’s new album Seeds. By far, Hey Rosetta are one of my favourite bands. Super great people and super passionate music. I love it. I have seen them play numerous times and I am always a puddle in the floor by the end of the show. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of their new album Seeds and I love it. My favourite track? Welcome. Listen to it. I cannot wait to see them play later this month in Toronto. Their album officially comes out on Tuesday. Please buy it.

5) Li’l K. She is my heart and is one of my most favourite people. Every week when I get to hang with her she is my light. We have our own language. She knows how to make me smile and how to annoy me and I know the same of her. She teaches me things and reminds me to love life. My favourite thing that she kept repeating to me this past time we spent together was “Mind over matter, Auntie Jess. It is just mind of matter.” At four years old, she has no idea how much she has helped me.

6) My people. The people I am surrounded by are incredible and inspirational. We all seem to be doing out own thing but we are all doing it well and it is encouraging on these grey winter day. I am thankful for those that I am close to and I cannot imagine a life without you being a part of it. I am blessed. Let us continue to inspire each other.

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