What I am Loving

1) My chunky bird ring. Few things beat a good dinner ring (even if they were actually popular way back in 2009, according to Wikipedia). I bought this ring in Melbourne in one of the cute laneways filled with tiny shops, cafes and awesome people that make that city famous. I love it for it’s vintage vibe and of course for the bird on it. The bird reminds me of the Rainbow Lorikeet that I saw while driving in New South Wales. I actually squealed when I saw the bird because it was so beautiful. This beauty really does exist. By the way, my nails are OPI’s Guy Meets Gal-veston from the Texas Collection. I love this coral-ish colour.

(And yes, I have small and wrinkly hands. I blame my maternal Grandmama. 🙂

2) Hey Rosetta. I have already professed my love for this band in a previous post but after seeing them play live yet again I need to spread more love. I have a friend called Alison who lives in St John’s (sidenote: I met Ali in Cuba in 2004 and we have been friends since). You know when you have a friend who has a friend who is in a band and your friend tells you how awesome said band is and you think “sure, I have heard that before.” That happened with Ali and me. She insisted this band called Hey Rosetta was awesome and I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She went to school with the main man of Hey Rosetta, Tim, back in the day so has followed his career forever. This was back in 2006 and they happened to be playing a show at Mitzi’s Sister on Queen West in Toronto. Mitzi’s is a small bar with a tiny stage and we were two of maybe ten people there to see the band. Well that night HR blew my socks off. It was instant love for their music. Since then I have seen them play many times and I have been loving watch them grow as a band. I think the best was when I saw HR play in on a Friday December 2009 at the Horseshoe in Toronto and then on the Tuesday at the Mercury Lounge in New York City. (I swear that was my only creepy band moment and it was pure coincidence that I happened to be in NYC when they were.) Their music hits my insides. I think the reason they are such a fantastic band is that their passion for making great music is so evident. Their show last week at Lee’s Palace was incredible and was totally what I needed that night. Music heals.

3) Pür Minerals Hot Rocks. I am really getting into the mineral make-up jive. Since I have a pretty – well really – round face, I am a big fan of bronzers and blush. I am loving Pür Minerals Hot Rocks. The mix of colours is so pretty and it has a sheen almost like a bronzer. Love.

4) Mondays with Li’l K. On Mondays I get K from her daycare (she goes to junior kindergarten in the mornings) and then we head to mine to hang. We usually make dinner, read some books, do a little colouring (we are both lefties), maybe play a game or two of Angry Birds. She is the best little pal ever and it is great when my week starts off with hanging with her. This week I made a delicious broccoli quiche for dinner. It is a fairly easy thing to make and it is healthy. Maybe it is not her favourite meal but she did a good job at eating (most of) it. 🙂 Next week she requested “spaghetti with meatball and red sauce and salad. ” (Sidenote: yes, K’s hair has been straightened in the photo above. She looks too grown up! I want the curls back.)

5) My new bed. It is a dream. Literally. I never want to leave it in the mornings now.  Also, it is so tall that Li’l K needs a boost to get on it.

6) NOW Concerts App. This iPhone app is by NOW magazine and has all the music listings in Toronto for the week, including their critic picks for the must-see shows. It is simple and convenient and most importantly, free. 🙂

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  1. I like your ring – I also like that it is a dinner ring. I like the polish.. it looks great.
    I also like your concert list!

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