What I am Loving

1) Photographer Get-Togethers. When you are an independent business owner one of the greatest things you can do is network with others doing work similar to yours. I love meeting other photographers. I love hearing what they are doing, what suppliers they are using, etc. I am fortunate enough to have a large studio space that is perfect for hosting get-togethers. I like keeping the event open to all photographers: leave your cliques and pretentiousness at the door, por favor. Last night I hosted a photographer get-together and had well over seventy people in my space. To me this shows the need to network: everyone likes it and I believe it is necessary for all of us to survive and thrive. I cannot wait to host the next one. 🙂

2) Texts from Moms. My Moms sends the greatest texts. They usually arrive on Monday mornings when a pick-me-up is definitely needed. Moms just know the right words at the right time. The fact that she even know how to text still amazes me. (Hi Moms!)

3) My fancy hairbands. When I went to Australia in the fall I planned my trip around attending the event that shuts down the nation, Melbourne Cup. I brought my own fascinator to wear that day and was mesmerized by all of ones that the Aussie ladies sported. I made it a mission to buy more fancy hairbands while there and am so glad that I did. I love them.

4) Pineapple. While in Cuba in March I ate pineapple everyday. Whenever I go to Chetumal I always stop at the roadside to buy fresh piña from the ladies selling it. I love this fruit.

5) My new iPhone skin. I am a photo geek so could not pass up on this awesome iPhone skin. I cannot wait to use my iPhone light meter app with this skin on while actually shooting on a real twin reflex camera. Fyi, I picked it up from Esty. #totalnerd

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