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Last week I was in Miami for all of twenty-four hours. Sometimes I am wild like that but I also believe that when opportunities call, you just have to jump on that plane. Miami is a great city to travel to from Toronto: the flight is under three hours and it is in the same timezone. Think of it as equal to that drive to the cottage in Muskoka (and maybe add that long weekend traffic!).

I stayed in South Beach at the Shelborne Resort. I was pretty excited to stay there after seeing their website. I arrived around 6pm and found knock-offs of Jersey Shore doing their thing in the lobby. They had drinks of every colour, the girls wore skimpy tight dresses and they were loud. Welcome to Miami!

There was  lot of construction happening at the hotel which took away from the fancy allure of the place. My room was comfortable and it had a great view of Miami (not of the beach!). The room cost about $160 per night. It was a loud hotel but since I was only there for one night, I didn’t mind. Plus, it was on the beach!

Continental breakfast and wireless internet costs an extra $25. The breakfast is served at the poolside which was quite lovely. It was the standard affair of toast, cereal, bagels and fruit.

South Beach is a party town. It was Thursday night and people of all kinds were out in the streets. I loved seeing the ladies dressed up for the clubs – lots of bling and white. We opted to have drinks at the Ritz Carlton where a great quartet was playing.

As you should all know by now, I love the ocean. I swear that I was a fish in a past life. It killed me that I didn’t have the time to float in the salt water on this trip but I did get my feet a little wet.

Since I was just in Cuba in March, I loved seeing the Cuban influence everywhere. I had some time to spare at the airport while I waited to depart so naturally I had to have a mojito.

Tips for Miami
• I flew American Airlines and this was my first time flying with this airline. Like a lot of the more economical airlines, with AA you need to pay $25 per flight for each checked bag. Food and alcoholic drinks are also additional charges. (But I must say, that $7 red wine tasted very nice on the flight home.)
• Taxis from Miami International Airport (MIA – love it!) are charged on flat rates and the rate is based on the zone that you are going to. The cost for the taxi to the Shelborne (zone 4) was $32 each way. Both taxi drivers were friendly and one was even a woman. Love that!
• If you are wanting to stay on the beach, which obviously you are, pick a hotel on Collins Avenue.
• There is a pedestrian promenade on Lincoln that is super cute. It is full of great shops and restaurants with lots of outdoor seating. We had lunch there and I probably could have sat there all day just watching the people walk by.
• Miami is hot and humid! It is May so I did not think that it would be that hot but it was. Instant sweat as soon as you step outside, I am telling you.

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  1. great pics and I love your tips..

    1. Ohpana Discovery Tours says: Reply

      I love your wildness Jess! Looks like you had an excellent 24 hours….maybe we’ll have to meet there one day as it’s kinda a halfway point eh?

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