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I know that I am late posting this today. It has been a wild week to say the least. I honestly do not know where the days disappeared to. I can hardly believe that Friday has come (and almost gone). Regardless, here is what I am loving this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

1) Chocolate Zucchini Bread. Last weekend was a weekend free of work for me. Since this is a rare occasion, I took full advantage. On Sunday I felt like baking so made a couple of double chocolate zucchini loafs. Let me tell you, they were delicious and I made sure to share them with everyone that I could. In an attempt to make things healthier, I used whole wheat flour, brown sugar and applesauce instead of oil. I also used almonds instead of the recommended (stinky) walnuts. Yum.

2) Rolling Rock at the Dakota Tavern. On Tuesday, Rolling Rock hosted a little shindig at the Dakota that I was invited to.ย  There, Jordan and I had a pint or three of this beer. I have long lusted for one of the RR glasses and upon departure, we were given a couple. I love the green glass and retro feel.

3) Yoga Jeans. Last week while shopping at ShopGirls, I also picked up a pair of Yoga Jeans. I have been hearing a lot about this denim so I was very curious to try on a pair. They are designed by a Montreal based company called Second Denim. One of the best things about these jeans, besides their great price, is that they are also made in Canada. Love this. The Yoga Jeans are designed with four-way stretch so technically you could do yoga in them but you don’t have to. I verified this with the salesgirl. ๐Ÿ˜‰ They are super comfortable and I want to wear them everyday from now on. Bonus: ShopGirls hems your purchase for free!

4) Poutine. I have not consumed meat since I was sixteen, which was a long time ago. For many years I was tortured by the idea of poutine but was never willing to consume that meaty gravy. Lucky for me, a great poutine place on Queen West opened called Poutini’s and there they can make this treat with veggie gravy. I sometimes do my best scheming just toย  find an excuse to stop there to consume a container of this goodness. Tip: order yours layered so that the gravy and cheese hit every fry.

5) New haircut. My awesome hairstylist, Michelle recently left the salon that she was working at to start her own business. While I was in Cuba she left me a voicemail to tell me all of this and, thanks to the awesome Cuban connection, I promptly lost the voicemail and Michelle’s contact. Thanks to my master internet creeping skills, I was able to find her on Facebook. Last weekend I visited her at her new (awesome) space. She always does such a great job and totally gets what haircut works for me. Email me for her contact information if you are interested.

6) Sandy B. On Friday I had an amazing portrait session with an amazing writer called Sandy. I have been a fan of her blog for a while and so I approached her for a little photography session. Lucky for me, Sandy was totally game. I arrived at her house at noon and we sat and drank coffee for what seemed like hours. We instantly connected.ย  Being the same age and at similar spots in our careers, it just made sense. We took photos, we laughed, we talked about the wildest things. We wandered the Junction and ended up at Vesuvio where we ate pasta and drank Kir Royals. It was a perfect sunny Friday afternoon. This is how real friendships are formed. I woke up this morning knowing that I would add her to this post, only to find that Sandy (the early riser that she is) had already blogged about me. Great minds. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Ugh, BIGGEST smile on my face right now. I had the greatest afternoon with you… coffee, chatter, photos and Italian food?! Is that even allowed in one day? It is now! Won’t be our last afternoon of hanging out, that’s for sure, lovely lady.

  2. Hey Jessica,

    I am a friend of Shannon’s and have seen your photos and read a few of your blogs (well, the ones Shan has posted) and wanted to say, hello, and that I love your “what I’m loving”!

    I’ve really started to enjoy reading a variety of blogs and I now look forward to what you write! Thought I would pass that on to you and hope you are having a great week.

    Laurie ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ps I was @ the Dakota on the Rolling Rock night! Drinking from those glasses at home does have a certain feeling to it!

    1. Hey Laurie! Great to hear from you and thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am definitely loving those glasses. ๐Ÿ™‚

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