What I am Loving

1) OPI Shatter. I have been dying to try out OPI’s Shatter ever since I first heard about it. My Mom does nails professionally and managed to get her hands on a bottle (it is on back-order everywhere!). This past weekend I visited her for Mother’s Day and ended up getting a mani and pedi (hey, I did make her breakfast and brought a bottle of Prosecco – I did my part!).  For the base I wanted something bright and fun so opted for OPI Pink Flamenco. Then my Mom put the Shatter on top. It goes on thick and black but quickly disperses into mismatched shapes. It dries mattte so you definitely need a top coat to make it look finished. I love it. (For my toes, I picked a Miami-appropriate colour – called Lunch at the Delhi.)

2) Car Singing. I traveled on my own last weekend to my Mom’s. She lives in Campbellford so it is about a two hour drive. Since I was by myself this meant that a) I could play whatever music I wanted in the car and b) could sing as loud as I wanted. Please note: none of you will ever hear me sing in real life. It is reserved for private moments such as that one, and is probably better for the benefit of your precious ears.

3) Family. Holy heck is it every important to have family and friends that you love-with-all-your-heart nearby. When in the most stressful position, there is no one better to lean onto. Look out on Monday on my real blog for a very special family portrait session that I recently had. Family, love.

4) Fer Juaristi. I just hosted a workshop at my studio and Fer taught for one of the days. I found his attitude and energy so refreshing and inspiring. I also love that he is Mexican and has a great sense of humour. I love how encouraging and creative he was. This guy is amazing. (Must shoot with him in Mexico.)

5) Postcards. I love postcards. I especially love when people unexpectedly send them to me. I once did a project with postcards when I was a student at Ryerson. I made a book of them. This gem of a postcard came from my dear friend Susan who recently visited one of my favourite cities: NYC. She wrote that this postcard reminded her of me and I loved that.

6) Change. It is inevitable. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Big changes are coming and I am learning to embrace them.

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  1. *mwah*!

    I was just looking at your tweet from the other day and this popped up … spooky!

  2. 🙂 you weren’t kidding you couldn’t wait ’til Monday! I love that! And of course I need to share …

    Also, Ella is going to go a tween-y bit crazy when she sees that nail polish.

  3. I love getting postcards unexpectedly too! xo

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