What I am Loving

1) Desert Lake. This past weekend was a long one for Ontario. Since I was free of work (say what?!) Sarah and I got the heck out of town as quickly as we could. We headed to my piece of paradise: my Aunt & Uncle’s property on Desert Lake. There they have forty-four acres of essentially untouched land. As soon as I get there, I can think of nothing but the moment and Toronto is only a distance place that I have heard a smidgen about. You can easily get lost here in the woods and I love the possibility of that.


2) Docks + beers. When spending time at a cottage-like place, docks and beers go hand-in-hand. I would also say that pool noodles are up there as an essential item. The weekend was spent floating in the water until my fingers were prunes, napping on the dock and repeat. P.S. Don’t judge me by the beer that I am drinking. 🙂

3) This guy. The only bad thing about long weekends is the mass amount of traffic that needs to be dealt with when you have to return to the city. The best way to cope with it is to take scenic alternate routes and to have fun watching the other travelers on the road. I loved this guy who was traveling on the 401 on Monday. He was wearing a baseball cap so his helmet did not quite fit properly on his head. Occassionally his shirt blew up and he did not seem to care much. We also saw vans full of bearded-long haired-plaid wearing boys and I can only guess that they were coming from spending the weekend in Osheaga.

5) Joseph Arthur. Joseph played at the Dakota on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. He is a fantastic musician, poet and visual artist. During his performance he even painted a canvas all while his music played and he recited poetry. I loved it.

5) 35mm 1.4. This week I added a new lens to my kit and I am so happy that I did. This 35mm 1.4 is a real beaut. I cannot wait to use it at my next wedding next weekend.

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  1. so glad you liked Jo’s show 🙂

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