What I am Loving

1) Breakfast at the Wychwood Market. By now you should know my love for the Wychwood barns. The park is located extremely close to where I live but since the market is on Saturdays and I am usually photographing on Saturdays, I do not get the chance to attend the market there nearly enough. This past Saturday I finally had a chance and decided to have a little breakfast down there. I loved the Caribbean options at this breakfast stand and opted for the Coconut French Toast (made with Ace walnut bread, freshly toasted coconut, local maple syrup and some plantain on the side). Super yum.

2) Sloan. The sound of my teenage years definitely contains a huge percentage of Sloan. I am so glad that they are still putting out albums twenty years later. They recently played a free show at Echo Beach that my friend Meghan and I checked out. We may have sang along while we drank tall cans of Canadian (What?! That is all that they had left, I swear!).

3) Lemon Fetish from Fifth Town Cheese. This cheese is a dream and it is a limited edition for the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. It is a little bit crumbly like a feta and near the end of the bite there is a lemon kick. Fifth Town is a super cool company located in Picton. They have won a lot of awards not only for their cheese but also for their facility which is a very green space. My friend Ben at A-Frame actually photographed the space a couple of years ago for the architects. Super cool.

4) Mill Street’s Lemon Tea Beer. This is the beer of the summer. So good, so refreshing.

5) Veg from the garden. Nothing beats fresh tomatoes and beans from the garden, particularly when they are from another’s green spot. Li’l K and I recently raided Sarah’s garden for some of her home-grown goodness.

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