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Since starting my business over eight years ago, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of different companies. Some were alright, some were terrible and some I absolutely adore. I thought that it would be fun to do a series of blog posts about the companies that I love working with. When I choose to work with a specific company or person, the number one factor that makes me go back to them is the customer service. I am big on treating people well. I treat my clients like gold and I expect to be treated well by the vendors that I work with.

One great company that I have used is Me + You. Through them, I get my custom totes that I give to my wedding clients. I am a sucker for being consistent with everything that I do when it comes to my business. My logo is on everything. When I write you a little note, it will be on a custom printed card. When I ship you something, you bet there will be a glossy custom sticker on the back of that envelope. I think that when you are your business it is crucial that you be consistent in how you brand and project yourself to the world. I want people to know me and to remember me so I really enforce that in everything that I put out. Back when Toronto had that good mayor, there was a by-law passed that consumers would be charged by retailers $0.05 per plastic bag. Inspired by this and being a pretty green individual, I wanted to stop giving plastic bags to my clients. I wanted to give them something that was special, practical and something that still represented me.

I looked all over to find a supplier that could make the perfect tote that I wanted. I wanted custom silk screened. I wanted long handles to go over your shoulder. I wanted it to have a base so that you could fill it with lots of things. I wanted an inside pocket that fit your cellphone perfectly. Oh, and I wanted it in black. My final wish was to find a company that was local. Most of the tote suppliers I found all carried products from China. In this day and age, I think that it is important to support your local economy. Basically, I wanted it all in the perfect tote.

With Me + You, I did find it all. They could do exactly want I wanted and I was in love. The owner, Jenny Hughes is the sweetest girl ever. She responds to emails quickly and is always great. My most recent order took only a month from the time that I ordered them to the time that they arrived at my door. I loved this. Jenny is based in Vancouver and her bags are all made and silk screened there. She has a minimum order of one hundred bags but it is totally worth it. I love hearing from my clients years after they received the bag to tell me they are still using them. And if they are still using them, my logo is out there being seen by everyone. 🙂

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  1. Seeing as the company has only been making custom bags for less than a year, how can your clients be happy with them year after year?

    ALSO, if you wanted local, I know three companies in TORONTO who make exactly what you are looking for, and by shipping all the way from Vancouver, you are defeating the purpose of what you even said you wanted.

    Though you are right on about the branding of yourself.

    1. Hi Dealiah,

      Me + You used to be called Bring Your Own Bag when I began using them three years ago. At that time when I was researching companies to make my bags, I did not find any companies in Toronto that could provide me with what I wanted. Many offered custom silk screening but most of the companies supplied bags made overseas (usually from China). I was looking for a purely Canadian company so was happy when I found Jenny Hughes’ business. Since I used her when I made my initial order three years ago, it makes sense to me to continue buying products from her. I like establishing relationships with my vendors and this only comes from using them multiple times. If you would like to offer names of Toronto companies that also provide Canadian-made custom bags, I am sure that my blog readers would be interested.


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