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I am all about things that make lives easier. I am not talking about taking shortcuts to get tasks accomplished. I am talking about ways to make that task a shorter one. It is probably pretty obvious that I am a big fan of blogging. I regularly blog both here and on my professional photography blog. I love blogging but a cumbersome part of blogging photography is the time that it takes to resize and watermark the images. I used to literally spend hours a week preparing images for future blog posts. That is, until I discovered Blogstomp.

Blogstomp is a cool application that you can purchase and costs $49 USD (that is good to use on two computers). BlogStomp allows you to load up images and then batch resize them. You can also add your logo, a border in any colour and a tab. You can even lay out multiple images (up to four) on one canvas.

I love that you can set up a number of presets so it makes your life even easier. I currently have six custom set-ups: four for my photo blog that allows me to put my logo in any four corner of the canvas and two for this blog (for vertical and horizontal images). My life got a whole lot simpler when I started using BlogStomp and I cannot recommend it enough. I may even say that it was one of my top three purchases for 2011.

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  1. Great post Jessica! Blogging can be time consuming, one of the reasons I fall behind. This is a great solution!

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