Learning to Crochet… just call me Granny….


Full confession: I am truly deep down a big nerd. I cannot help it, I was born that way. 🙂 I used to always make things and in the past few years I kind of stopped. I used to hand weave tiny detailed necklaces. I used to hand make beautiful notebooks. I used to even do kumihimo (if you come to my apartment you will see my marudai to prove it!). My Moms is a super talented lady so this is definitely where I get all of this from. She can basically make anything from just about anything, and she will do it from scratch. For myself, I like smaller tasks. Things that I can make in small parts so that I actually feel as though I am accomplishing something and can then have a completed project within a set amount of time.

Last year I saw this beautiful crocheted blanket in an issue of Canadian Living. I was really drawn to the colours in it. Growing up, there had been blankets of crocheted granny squares but the outlining colour was always black. I found the white a refreshing new way to approach the granny square. I sent the pattern to my Mom and told her that I wanted to come up for a weekend and learn to crochet. I needed a winter project and this was it. In November, I went up and we got started. Moms decided that the Canadian Living pattern was maybe a wee bit too advanced for this beginner. She didn’t want me to enter the project feeling discouraged so she came up with this super simple granny square pattern for me to try out. That weekend I worked very heard to learn it; I basically couldn’t look up from my work or even speak while doing it that weekend! In early February, I finished it and am quite pleased with the results.

I started a second blanket soon after completing the first. I am not sure who this one is for yet but I love the colours. Originally I wanted to choose colours that belonged in the sea but I couldn’t resist the raspberry and grey colours. For this one, I am making the second colour a row larger to make that colour more prominent. Both blankets are simply done in the pattern: 3 DC, 1 chain and on the corners, you do that twice in the hole to make them squares. That’s it. Easy Peasy. 🙂

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  1. Looks great! How do you switch colours? That is, what do you do with the remaining orange wool when you switch to blue? I’ve never quite figured that part out…

    1. I knot the two tails together and then I work them into the crocheting as I go along. That way you don’t have to worry about sewing them in when you are finished.

  2. “like”

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