What I am loving

1) Beauty Portraits. On Sunday I had seven beauty portrait session at my studio. The day was jam-packed but it was a lot of fun. I shared some images from one of the sessions on Thursday on my photo blog and cannot wait to share the rest.

2) Grilled Salmon Salad at Hemingways. On Monday Sandy and I went to the launch of Not Myself Today. While there, we discovered that it was almost our first anniversary of friendship so to celebrate we bought matching lipstick and went for lunch. For lunch we ended up at Hemingways. I am on a total health kick (or at least trying to be!) so this Grilled Salmon Salad caught my eye. Basically it contains everything that I love: salmon, spinach, strawberries, mango, cilantro and avocado.

3) Michael Kors watch. So this week I bought something that I probably should have waited to buy but… I had been thinking about this baby basically daily for the past couple of months. The last time that I got a new watch was from an ex-boyfriend about seven years ago so I was definitely in the market for a new one. It’s rose gold, chunky on my little wrist and has a little bit of bling. I love it so very much.

4) Burrata at Terroni. On Tuesday Sarah and I went for a dreamy dinner at Terroni. My friend James was our server and he treated us like gold. We had cocktails, a bottle of wine, pasta and tiramisu. We began it all with this dreamy burrata. If you have not had it before, you need to try it. Burrata is the dreamiest of Italian cheese. It is soft mozzarella with cream and is served with toasted bread and tomatoes drizzled in olive oil and basil. Basically I could eat this everyday.

5) Bite High Pigment Pencil. As mentioned above, Sandy and I celebrated our friendship this week by buying new lip colour. The sun was out and the weather a bit warmish and we were in the market for pink – hello spring! The lovely lady at Sephora introduced us to the High Pigment Pencils by Bite and I am totally into them.  First off, Bite is a Canadian company (win!). All of their products are natural and food grade. This means you can technically eat them! All of their products contain 5mg of resveratrol which is the same amount of anti-oxidants as in five glasses of red wine. We like. The colour is vibrant and it lasts. I picked up two different pinks: Chablis for everyday wearing and Grapevine for evening.

6) Blooming orchid. The orchid at the studio is blooming right now and it is always a little magical when it does. I have never seen another orchid like this one. My studiomate Jim had actually rescued it from the garbage a couple of years ago and ever since, it has graced us annually with the prettiest blooms. Wendy asked me what the secret is to getting orchids to bloom is. There is no real secret – water them like you water any other plant but do not over to it. Remember, they are actually air plants. And find a spot in your space that gets the light they like and they will be happy. 🙂

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