What I am loving

1) Half-Blood Blues by Esi Edugyan. I just recently finished this book. I had taken some time off from reading fiction so was happy to get back into it. Half-Blood Blues won the Giller Prize and it was a great read. I loved the quote above,

“Time ain’t no steady thing. The speed it move at depend entirely upon the speed you moving at yourself. It’s a changeable thing, brother.”

Another quote that I loved from it was,

“Hell, I known this was it, this was our moment, our lifetime. Folks think a lifetime is a thing stretched out over years. It ain’t. It can happen quick as a match in a dark room.”

2) Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I don’t mean to brag, but I think that I’m pretty good at making these cookies. They are made small and chewy plus they are not that bad for you (whole wheat flour, brown sugar, organic oats!). Whenever I make them, there always have to have a purpose and I then have to get them out of the house as soon as possible so that I do not eat them all too many.

3) Campagnolo. Last weekend I went to Campagnolo with a couple of my favourite ladies. We had a few drinks made by my good friend/bartender extraordinaire, Mr. Josh Lindley followed by an amazing dinner. I had this beautiful sweet potato agnolotti with smoked mozzarella. It was pretty dreamy.

4) Mass Exodus Lucid. On Thursday Erin invited me to Ryerson’s year-end Fashion Design show called Mass Exodus. The Fashion program at Ryerson produces some incredible talent. I haven’t been to the show since I graduated from Ryerson so was excited to go. Lucid was a beautiful, beautiful show. There were many collections that I loved including ones by Sarah Graham, Lise Godel, Stefanie Ayoub and Stephanie Kia (hello wedding dresses!). Keep your eyes out for these names. I am confident that some (all?) will do very well.

5) Beet salad. Beets are something that I sometimes forget about and then when I eat them again, I remember how much I love ’em. I had this gorgeous salad at my family’s Easter lunch that took place last weekend at Trattoria Gusto in Port Hope. It was made up of braised beets, buffalo mozzarella, pine nuts, orange vinaigrette and arugula pesto. So fresh and delicious.

6) S’mores. On Friday afternoon I met Sandy at Fanny Chadwick’s. We were having a brainstorming session about a top secret project that we are getting started on. What better way to brainstorm than to do so with a latte and something sweet? We both got Fanny’s version of s’mores that included a homemade graham wafer and a pot of chocolate with homemade marshmallows inside.

7) Bahamas at Mod Club. Bahamas played a sold out show at the Mod Club on Friday. As always, Afie does not disappoint. They opened with Lost in the Light and everyone melted a little. If, for some odd reason, you are not familiar with Bahamas, please watch this video of them performing Lost in the Light at CBC Radio 2. #heartswoon

8) Family time. Family time is the best time. I am so thankful for my family. When no one else is there, that’s who you got. On Saturday I went to Port Hope for a baby shower for my cousin Sarah and her little Kaitlyn. My Mom, Aunts and cousins plus their kids were all there and it was really nice. After the shower, my Aunt Nancy and I went to the Beamish House and instantly ran into people that we knew (hello small town!).  We met up with a high school friend of hers who I have not seen in about ten years. I loved catching up. Time  may fly but somethings will always remain the same. Love this life.

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