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It’s that time of year when New Year’s resolutions are attempted. Often these resolutions involve getting more active and eating better. The beginning of a new year is a fun time because of this. It’s our chance to start fresh. I was at my sister’s for lunch on the weekend and we had a big discussion about health and eating well. We are both pretty food-conscious people. She cut out from her diet white sugar years ago and recently, she stopped eating wheat. She has never felt better. In a classic teenage girl moment, I stopped eating meat when I was sixteen (for the animals!) and have continued this to present day (for the health!). I started eating fish about four years ago because I found that it made it easier when I travel.

The point of this rant is this: healthy eating is easy.

I am amazed by what people consume without even thinking about it. Prepared foods. Tons of desserts. Salty snacks. Eating just to eat and not actually enjoying the food. If we do not have our health, life is pretty difficult. One of the easiest ways to look after ourselves – both physically and mentally – is by eating well. If you know that something is bad for you or that you will over-consume, simply do not have it in your house. Out of sight, out of mind. Stock your fridge with fresh, colourful food and I guarantee that you will be motivated to eat it.

Since getting back from spending nearly a month in New Zealand and Australia, I made a vow to start cooking more and eating out less. My boyfriend and I have pretty wild schedules and we have been pretty poor at planning proper meals lately. It often seems easier to go out for a burrito then to make dinner at home. This past weekend, I have got back into the groove of this buying groceries thing and it feels great.

On the weekend, I decided that we need to eat more kale because it is so good for you (hello iron, Vitamin A, C & K and calcium!). I wanted to make a salad with it but I wanted it to have some substance. I decided to buy a bunch of things that I love and put them all together. The end result was a salad with kale, quinoa, avocado, kalamata olives and red pepper. I then made a dressing with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. For a topping, I made tamari roasted pecans and hazelnuts (coat in tamari, bake on a sheet at 250 degrees for 25 minutes). The end result was delicious. I had to actually stop Josh from eating more so that I would have enough leftover for lunch. The entire thing took me less than a half hour to make and suddenly I had dinner and lunch for two.

Needing cooking inspiration? I highly suggest checking out Pinterest. It is such a pretty way to browse recipes. You can see what recipes I have pinned there here.

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