Cocktail: The Algonquin

Dillon's | Jessica Blaine Smith

I will preface this by saying, I am no bartender. Nor, will I ever be. I am 100% photographer career-wise and I love it that way. But living with a bartender has it’s perks. For example, last night I was crocheting on the couch chilling out and felt like a beverage. Wine wouldn’t cut it and I wasn’t interested in a beer. Josh was at work but I thought, “Maybe I will be adventurous and  make a cocktail.”

If you have been to our home before, you know that the liquor selection here is a bit overwhelming. A couple of weeks ago, while on our way to Ridgeway, we stopped at the Dillon’s Distillery in Beamsville. We had some of their booze at home but had never been to the place that it is made before. The Distillery was as you expect it to be: cute and clean – much like all of their branding which I love so so much. When we were there, we had picked up a bottle of the White Rye. So last night I knew that I could use this booze for said cocktail. (I am terrified of one day taking a bottle off the shelf that is either super expensive or super hard to get a hold of and never living it down!)

Dillon's | Jessica Blaine Smith

Josh runs a pretty good blog and on it he posts a Drink of the Week. Naturally I went there to see if he had something on it that I could make with Rye. And boom – there it was: The Algonquin. A boozy drink made with Rye, dry vermouth and pineapple juice. I got the ingredients together, went to get the freeze to get some ice and discovered cubes of water instead. Apparently sometime over the day our fridge had stopped working. Yikes! I went ahead anyways and did the best that I could and it turned out just fine. (Below is an image of The Algonquin that I photographed months ago for Josh’s site. That time, it was made with Rittenhouse Rye.)

Algonquin | Jessica Blaine Smith

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