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Another week has slipped by and here we are at my favourite day of the week: Sunday. I try my best to have Sundays free just for me. I lounge in the house extra long and have that extra cup of coffee. I just love it.

Jessica Blaine Smith

Since this was Josh’s first week back from New Orleans, he was really itching to eat some food at home. While traveling is fun, what always gets me is not being able to cook your food and having to eat out all of the time. The first meal we made upon his return was homemade tacos. I have to admit that I used to buy those taco kits at the grocery store. You know the ones that include the hard corn tortilla and taco seasoning. Let me tell you, they are terrible for you. The amount of sodium alone is pretty gross. So when I saw this recipe for homemade taco seasoning on Pinterest, I thought that I would try it out. It is awesome, works great on veggie ground round and contains only pure real life spices. We now have a jar of it in our cupboard at all times just waiting to be used.

Jessica Blaine Smith

We had plans a couple of weeks ago to make what I have dubbed Dirty Pizza (truthfully, it’s actually pretty clean eating!). We ended up not making it so this huge head of cauliflower has been sitting in the crisper. I have to admit, I have never really been a fan of cauliflower unless it is slathered in cheese sauce. I find it boring and because it’s white, in my head I imagine that there are no nutrients in it. After going to Grand Electric recently for lunch and having a couple of their crispy cauliflower tacos, I decided that I do like this white beast, when it’s done right. This week I chopped it up and roasted it until it was crisp and I actually liked it.
Jessica Blaine SmithOn July 8th, we went and saw Tegan & Sara in Buffalo. My best friend had bought us tickets to go and I was pretty excited. Josh isn’t a super fan of them but he is always open to seeing shows. He was pleasantly surprised by the night. They played at a small venue and it was awesome to see all 500 people there who were so into the music. It was technically our first anniversary (again) that night and Josh bought this awesome poster from the show. I love the colours in it. While he was away in NOLA, I had Liz at Alternative Arts custom frame it. I love the gorgeous gold frame that she chose. As a photographer I have to say, that it is so important to frame your work and get it up on the walls – show posters are also included in this, especially when said show is of some significance to you.
Jessica Blaine SmithThis week was all about visits. On Tuesday I met Rebecca for coffee and we stayed for hours, ordering a second round. On Wednesday, my awesome cousin Jenni came to visit us with her li’l man Mr. Miles. The visit was loooooong overdue and I am so happy that they made the effort to come to the city. Last night, our friend Jody who was visiting from Vancouver came for dinner and a drink or ten. I love having a home that welcomes everyone in.
Jessica Blaine Smith

This week I also helped Josh with a brand new website. Check it out and let me know what you think! I love doing this stuff. We made the site and then we spent the afternoon photographing new drinks so stay tuned for them. I love that we can combine what we both love to do and make magic happen.

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