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Confession: every morning when I wake up, I do a little Essentrics. I just can’t stop.

I first read about the Essentrics workouts a few years ago in Canadian Living (call me a nerd, but I have a subscription). The description sounded great so I bought the DVD. While I wasn’t very consistent back then doing the 30-minute workouts, I did like them. I liked that they were easy to do and required no extra equipment and I loved that they were short workouts so you could find time to do them anytime.

Fast forward three years and I am seeing Essentrics pop up a lot in my twitter feed. They have new DVDs and have begun doing classes in Toronto gyms. I am back in. Suddenly I find myself invited to one of their classes at the gorgeous Equinox Club by none other than Sahra Esmonde-White – the woman who hosts the DVDs. I was pumped.

Essentrics is all about toning and strengthening your muscles. Weights are not used but a lot of stretching is. There are some moves in the programs that feels a little dance-like but myself being one of the most ungraceful people out there (I consistently trip on sidewalks), this has never been issue. You flow into the movements, you pull out our limbs and you work it. Within days of doing the workouts daily at home, I was seeing results. Suddenly my waist was more toned, my posture was better and any chronic lower back pain was gone. Seeing the results is encouraging. Having the DVDs at home mean I can do them everyday – the weather doesn’t matter, my clothing choice doesn’t matter, the timing doesn’t matter. Every morning I do one of the 25-minute Strength & Stretch in Motion workouts and my body thanks me for it.

If you live in Canada, you may have  recently seen the Heart & Stroke commercials about your last ten years of life. The last line of the commercials are: the average Canadian will spend their last ten years in sickness. Ten years. Sounds pretty awful to me. I also recently saw an episode of Lisa Ling’s Our America about Childhood Obesity. 1 in 3 children in America are overweight and 1 in 6 are considered obese. Talk about scary. After watching that episode, I got off my couch and did an Essentrics workout – I had skipped it that morning because I was feeling tired but after watching the show, I realised that there are no excuses. I want to live a full active life and I do not want someone caring for me at the end of it.

Get off that couch and get moving. There are no excuses. Your body, mind and heart will thank you for it.

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