A Saturday Off?! Let’s Cook!

I am definitely not good at sitting and doing nothing. My mind never seems to be still and my body just wants to always get moving. When I have a Saturday free from work, I often don’t know what to do with myself. Yesterday was such the day. The morning was spent catching up on emails and reading articles that I had saved throughout the week. The afternoon was dedicated to making good food.

Healthier Cookies

We eat very pretty well and healthy at our place. Although Josh eats meat and I eat fish, we always seem to cook vegetarian at home and we never fall for that easy processed ready-made stuff. Our freezer is full of ice cubes (#lifewithabartender) and frozen berries, that’s it. Although I am not huge into sweets, I do occasionally have a craving. But I have a rule for myself when this happens: it’s cool to eat it but it has to be homemade (Disclaimer: unless it’s a doughnut from Glory Hole).

Daily I seem to pin recipes on my Pinterest but usually forget what I have saved so yesterday morning, I went through them to see what I would be inspired to make. The first thing that caught my eye were cookies. This morning I had a friend help me move a couch so I knew that he would love some homemade cookies as payment. I have seen this man eat at least six cookies in a row, feeling no shame. He loves them. I am a fan of chunky and chewy cookies so tried out this recipe on Apple of My Eye. I like that they are dubbed “healthier” because they include roasted almonds, oats and craisins. But they still include the bad stuff like sugar, butter and chocolate. Regardless of health, these babies were great.

Banana Bread

Next up was banana bread. I have to confess that I dislike actual bananas. I eat them as chips, I eat them in baking and I even eat fried plantain but straight up bananas? I am just not into them. Having said that, I really do like homemade banana bread. My Mom used to make it a lot when we were growing up. We have lived in our apartment for a year now and I had yet to make banana bread for Josh. The thing with making banana bread is that it requires ripe bananas and most recipes as for three. At one point, I had thrown a couple of Josh’s bananas that were looking a little ripe into the freezer thinking that they would be  perfect to make bread and that I just needed one more. When I finally had a third, I went to the freezer to grab the others only to discover that he had thrown them out. Apparently Josh didn’t know the ways of banana bread. Since then, I told him to leave the rotting fruit alone because I had a plan. Yesterday, I finally got to make the bread. One year in, FINALLY I have succeeded.

My friend Betsy had sent me this recipe from Post Punk Kitchen for what she claims to be the best banana bread ever. I liked that the recipe was simple and that it was also vegan. However, since I felt that I had waited so long to make this, I decided that it needed a little extra umph. I made the vegan PPK bread and then added a glaze to the top that I took from this recipe for Jamaican Banana Bread. The glaze includes brown sugar, dark rum, coconut and pecans. How can you say no to that?!


Sundays are my absolute most favourite day of the week. I usually do not work on Sundays so that we can lounge and enjoy a day together. Today, however, I had to head to the studio for a couple of hours to do a very special portrait session, after moving the couch that I spoke about earlier. Feeling a little guilty about this, I decided that I would make us a pretty sweet lunch to have when I got back. I had pinned this recipe for Grilled Corn, Onion and Whipped Goat Cheese Quesadillas that I thought looked pretty awesome and pretty easy to prepare but I wanted to take things further. To do this, I did something that I have never done before: I made my own pitas. I found this recipe for Avocado Pitas that looks pretty easy. We had a mass amount of gorgeous fresh basil to use up this week so I swapped the avocado for it. They were pretty rustic looking pitas after being cooked but they tasted great. Just a warning that the author of the recipe is in Amsterdam so the measurements are not what we are used to here in Canada. I used 1 1/2 cups of flour and just over a half cup of water. I thought that I was doing so well until I saw that they weren’t cooking properly only to realise that the temperature for the oven was stated in Celsius, not fahrenheit. (FYI, cook them at 400 degrees fahrenheit.)

In the end our lunch became more of a flatbread than quesadillas as the pitas were a little too thick to fold. Regardless, they were seriously delicious and we will definitely be making them again.


There is something satisfying about spending an afternoon making beautiful food that you know you are going to enjoy with others. It’s also always awesome to know every single ingredient that you are consuming. What did you make this weekend?


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