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It seems like for the past few weeks we have been go-go-go with little room to stop, breathe and soak in the moment. When we came home from California last month, it seems as though we landed running. The month of July was immediately filled up with work and friends/family obligations. There are only two days this month where the calendar shows me there is nothing scheduled. As I type this, I am just now realising that July is basically halfway gone already. I can’t be the only one who stresses at the idea of not having any downtime. I need to have those blank dates in my calendar for my own sanity and peace of mind. Just the idea of them allows me to get through the otherwise hectic dates. This is why I do my best to keep Sundays free from work. This is Sunday. The day I have been waiting for. It’s my day to refresh. To sleep in. To drink mass amounts of coffee and read magazines until 1pm. To eat a big breakfast. To just be. Today was my first real Sunday in a couple of months to do all of those things and it was total bliss. We had a rainbow coloured breakfast on the deck and instantly my body was more relaxed than it has been in weeks. I needed this day to conquer the rest of the month.Jess & Josh by Fer Juaristi

So in case you didn’t hear, I am engaged! Funny things happen when you get engaged and begin planning your wedding. I have been photographing weddings for eleven years now so I have seen my fair share of them. I have always told my clients this: weddings bring out both the best and the worst in people. Now that I am experiencing my own upcoming wedding, I can confirm that this is the absolute truth. Everyone wants to tell you their opinion on how you should do things. People that you haven’t spoken to in years, suddenly come to surface (and then assume that they are invited to said celebrations). People who you do expect to hear from, don’t send a peep. They should really do human nature studies when it comes to weddings because I am finding it all pretty fascinating.

I have never been one of those girls who dreamt of a big wedding with a shining knight at the end of the aisle. I am a much too practical person for that. I dreamt of having a great, loving and honest relationship. I figured I would one day be married but I did not give that aspect of my life a lot of thought. When Josh proposed to me at the end of May, it suddenly put things into a new perspective. Hey, we are really doing this, eh? He actually wants to hold on and keep me around forever. How great is that?!

Since getting engaged, I have realised that I hold  some pretty strong thoughts on how I think my wedding should be. It is how I personally feel and I definitely do not judge others for doing things differently. My focus is on our relationship and continuing to have one that is going to last. My idea of the wedding is to host a big party for all of the friends and family that we love because no other time in our lives will we be able to do such a thing. Having the most important people in your life together in one room just sounds so magical to me and I want it to be the best, no-stress day possible.

The questions have been rolling around whenever I see anyone I know. “What is your wedding date?” “Where is it going to be?” “I know a planner/florist/caterer/DJ that is just the best. I’ll email you their contact!” It’s lovely when people are actually interested but it’s hard when you don’t have answers yet for them. The whole “well we JUST got engaged!” is starting to wear thin. We need to get on top of this wedding planning. And we are trying. Although I am quickly realising that this whole wedding planning business is a lot harder than I thought. Right now we are playing a lot of the waiting game. You would not believe the number of vendors that we have emailed inquiring about hiring their services who do not even respond. It’s appalling. We can’t have a wedding without a venue and it seems that venues can hold potential clients in limbo for as long as they please. I think that we have picked a great location but for now, we sit and wait until they are ready to get back to us. I now understand why my clients have always commended me on my customer service – I actually reply to them in a timely manner! Who knew that such a seemingly normal gesture isn’t actually so.  So, yes, we are currently planning our wedding. Yes, it will happen in 2015. And yes, I will keep you updated as things move along, which I am really hoping is sooner than later.

Life Awesome Blog

This morning I cut into the most perfect avocado to have with breakfast. You know when you have one in the fruit basket that seems to be ripe but as you cut, you are hoping that you don’t find any disgusting brown? Today I hit the jackpot with this one and I took it as a sign that it was going to be a good day. It’s small things like that perfect avocado that keep me going and allow me to put into perspective how awesome this life truly is.

P.S. The above photo of us was taken by the incredibly talented Mexican photographer Fer Juaristi. I’m going to write a whole other blog post about that session in the future but for now just know that he is one of the best.

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