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SouthHill Designs |

I first heard about South Hill Designs from my friend Audra who lives in Surrey. Then when we met up with her in March in Vancouver, she showed me one of their necklaces in real life and I thought that it was adorable. My awesome friend Gillian began selling them shortly afterwards and I was just dying to order a couple. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I finally placed my first order.

To go with the wedding planning theme of our lives these days, Josh and I decided that we could get a South Hill necklace for each of our flower girls. I can blog about it because neither of them are on the internet so the surprise shouldn’t be spoiled! But just in case you see them walking down the street (ha!), let’s keep this on the d/l (down-low). We thought the necklaces would be a sweet gift that they will adore and that they can also wear at the wedding. Both Li’l K and Vannya are pretty girly girls so they love jewellery. We immediately decided on the rose gold lockets for them. Li’l will be 8 1/2 by the time the wedding comes along so we ordered her a medium-sized locket. Vannya will be turning five three days after our wedding and she is a little lady so we ordered her the mini-sized locket. The hard part came when it was time to choose what to put into them. There are too sooooo many options! We ended up choosing charms that represents the girls but ones that are not too cheesy so hopefully they will love them for years to come. SouthHill Designs |

We ordered them and within a week, they were mailed to the studio. I love all of the details in the packaging! The lockets came in their own boxes (yes, a chain comes with each locket). Then the charms came in a couple of separate boxes. The lockets open up fairly easily for you to put the charms inside but they are also very secure so you do not have to worry about them accidentally opening up. The overall quality of these South Hill necklaces is incredible and I cannot wait to give them to the girls on April 1st! These necklaces seriously make for the perfect gift (hint hint to everyone out there: the holidays/Christmas are coming up quick!). To order from Gillian (do it! do it! do it!), you can click HERESouthHill Designs | SouthHill Designs |

Here are our adorable flowergirls. They are very pumped for the wedding!
Our Flowergirls |

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  1. They will go CRAZY over those necklaces…just love the bling on them!!

  2. They are so pretty aren’t they?! The rose gold is my fave. Nice choice! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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