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Now that we have the main players officially booked for our April wedding, I am feeling pretty darn good. I was recently looking at our list of vendors and I realised: man, we have compiled quite the wedding dream team! Working in the Toronto wedding industry since 2003 has meant that I have been able to work with and form some great relationships with some pretty awesome people. I love that I am now able to hire them to participate in my own big day, after working with them for so long. It was important to us that everyone who is a player in our wedding be someone that we have some sort of relationship with. Relationships are extremely important to me and I really liked the idea that everyone in the room would be familiar to us. They would be a part of our extended group of friends and family. In no particular order, here is our Wedding Dream Team.

Rebecca Wood |

Photography: Rebecca Wood
The most common question about my wedding that I am asked from people is naturally, “who is your wedding photographer?!” I am happy to say that my good friend Rebecca Wood is taking on that task. I met Rebecca years ago when she rented an office at my studio and we became fast friends. She is one of the most caring people that I know. The kind of person that will drop anything and come running should you need her. In September she took me dress shopping. I cannot write much about that experience until after the wedding (keeping the dress top secret may be the only traditional thing that we are doing for our wedding!) but I will say that on that day, Rebecca was the most incredible friend to me and I am so grateful for that. She brought her Hasselblad and took some photos of me trying on dresses (one of which is above) and made it such a special experience. Rebecca knows me. She knows Josh. She knows us as a couple and I know that her and her second shooter, Jennifer, are going to do an awesome job of documenting our wedding exactly as it plays out. Her images are timeless and full of light and I love them. Is it wrong to be excited about the photos before the day even happens?!

Jeremy Citron |

Officiant: Jeremy Citron
I always tell my clients that you cannot have a wedding without an officiant and it’s true. Everyone and everything else is totally extra! I have photographed weddings that Jeremy has officiated since the beginning. We have always had a great working relationship. He’s personable and friendly and his ceremonies are about the couple which I have always appreciated. (You would not believe how many officiants end up making it about themselves!) Three days after we got engaged, Jeremy officiated a wedding that I was photographing. After the ceremony, I told him that I was engaged and his immediate response was “I am going to do your wedding.” We met with him a couple of weeks ago to go over the details. Josh and I left the appointment feeling good. He went through the whole ceremony with us, explained the legal logistics and then within a week, he had emailed us all of the options for what we can do for the ceremony. I seriously cannot imagine anyone else making things official on that day.

Wychwood Barns |

Venue: Artscape Wychwood Barns
So I know that the venue isn’t a person that we have a relationship with but it is a space that is close to my heart. I lived in the neighbourhood of Wychwood for a decade. I lived there when the Wychwood Barns were decrepit and dangerous to explore and I lived there when the area was transformed into the wonderful community space that it is today. When my niece would visit in the summer, we would always head to the splash pad there. On Saturdays, I would often visit their Farmer’s Market. When I lived near Wychwood I had always said that I thought it would be funny to photograph a wedding there that I could walk to. It wasn’t until this past summer, after having lived away from the neighbourhood for over a year, that I had the opportunity to finally photograph a wedding there. When Emma & Jim, hired me, I could not have been more excited. I then photographed Rachel & Eric’s wedding in the courtyard there in August. When we began looking at wedding venues, Wychwood was the obvious choice. We liked that we could basically have free-range to do what we want which means we get to bring in our own food and drink. I also love the urban feel of the space and the big windows and skylight that runs the entire length of the barn. We have no idea what the weather will be like on our wedding date but we at least know, there will be opportunity for lots of natural light which I just love.Bangs & Blush |
DJ: Bangs & Blush
Awww, Lindsay and Brittney – what a couple of awesome ladies! I have known this duo forever and have watched them grow Bangs & Blush. These girls are fun, they’re adorable and they play the best music around. They also have a ton of experience DJ’ing basically any event or venue that you can imagine. Because of this, they’re professional. They get things. I love them.Distinct Occasions |
Planner/Coordinator: Distinct Occasions
I first met Crystal back in our days at Ryerson University when I worked at the Used Bookroom/Copyrite and she was on the Student Government. I am pretty sure that she was in charge of Events. We have had interactions ever since as we both move through the wedding industry. I really like this lady. She is professional and organised but also fun and sassy. She totally understands what we are going for on our wedding and I know that with her help, we are going to pull it off. Our reception is going to be a bit different than the usual which is why we decided that we needed to hire someone to help organise it. As soon as we made it official by booking Crystal, I felt a deep sigh of relief. Our wedding is going to be awesome because of this woman (and her team!).

Blush & Blom |

Flowers: Blush & Bloom
I have been a fan of Becky’s work since she started popping up on my Instagram feed. I then had the opportunity to work with her at a couple of weddings. The flower creations that she made were nothing short of incredible. I love the way that she uses colour and texture. I love that she is not afraid to do something different. I also love the way that she runs her business. She is professional. She sets rules for how she does things and she follows them which is something that I 100% respect. We are basically giving her free-range for our wedding and I am so excited to see what she comes up with.


And now you’re asking.. but what about food and drink? You know that Josh works at Bar Isabel and you want to know just who will be taking care of that aspect of our day?! Well, you are just going to have to wait to hear about that. 🙂

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  1. sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Each detail that you have described about your Wedding Day sounds very special.

  3. Cannot wait. Awesome fun. Awesome surprises. Awesome couple. #weddingawesome xoxo

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