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Our wedding is very quickly approaching! Now that our guest list has been set and the RSVP’s are confirmed, I thought that it would be good to share what we sent to our people! All of our cards were designed by my awesome studio-mate Jim of NonStop Design and they were printed as 5×7 cards. We like the idea that in the end they’ll be a set of matching cards.

Save the Date Cards
We chose to send out Save the Date cards eight months before our wedding. We wanted to do this for a few reasons:
1) We were pretty darn excited when we got our venue and date set!
2) We wanted to let people know that our wedding is going to be on a weekday so this may mean taking a day off work for those regular-hour-working-folk.
3) We wanted to let people know that it would be an adults only wedding so should they have kids, they would have enough time to organise childcare for that day.

In the summer we did a portrait session with my favourite photographer, Chris Buck. We wanted something fun and quirky. We ended up choosing the portrait below from that day for our Save the Date cards. I love it so much. This card was printed as a flat 5×7 so the image was on the front and the text was printed on the back.

Save the Date |

Wedding Invitations
We mailed our out invitations in the middle of January for our April 1st wedding. We wanted to give people lots of time and warning for what to expect. We gave everyone basically 1 1/2 months to send us their RSVPs. We chose to forgo traditional RSVP reply cards and instead created an email address for this purpose. I liked doing it this way because now we have everyone’s email address so can send out a mass email closer to the date with more information.

The initial draft of our invitation was nothing what I envisioned for it. So I told Jim that we wanted: colourful, fun and not-so-serious nor wedding-like. This is what he came up with. For the cover of the invitation, we used a portrait that the awesome Mexican photographer Fer Juaristi took of us this past summer. The rest of the invitation was all about colour. As you already know, creating our guest list was important to us – we want no one in the room who we do not know and we really wanted to emphasize that on the invite. We also wanted to mention that it would be a cocktail reception but not to let our people think that we were cheaping out on the food! We included a link to a web page that we created to include more information about things like accommodations and parking. I think that it’s important to educate your guests on all aspects of the wedding so that good times will be had by all. I love that the design and format matches the Save the Date card, although the invitation is a folded 5×7 card. (And top secret: the floral design that Jim created may or may not match the decor that will be up at the wedding.) 😉

Wedding Invitation |

After Party Cards
Our wedding is obviously not like regular weddings (and we would have it no other way!). Our actual wedding reception ends quite early since it is on a weekday. Because of this, we are hosting an After Party at one of our favourite bars in Toronto. We had a separate 4×6 card made with all of the information for that that we slipped inside of the invitation. Again, I told Jim to design this card with colour and fun in mind and also that he could be even less formal with this one. So of course, he included sugar skulls on it!

After Party Invitation |

All in all, I love the cards that we sent to our friends and family. I think that people also liked receiving them because every time I go to someone’s house, I see one stuck to their fridge. I am starting to get seriously excited about this wedding. Less than a month to go!

Fun Wedding Invitation |




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