What I Learned From Being Away

What I Learned From Being Away | http://lifeawesomeblog.com


We arrived home from our honeymoon on Monday night. For it, we spent three glorious weeks traveling around Australia. I cannot wait to share more about the trip and more about our wedding. Tomorrow marks a month since the big day. But for now, a short ditty about a couple of things that I learned from being away for those three weeks.
What I Learned From Being Away | http://lifeawesomeblog.com
The World Doesn’t Stop If you Take a Vacation
It’s true. Even if you run your own business like me, you can take a vacation and I promise you that the world won’t end. I actually had clients upset with me for replying to their messages while I was away. “You should not be replying to emails on your honeymoon!” Before I left, I emailed all current clients to give them a heads up that I would be away for April. I gave them sufficient notice and guess what? Everyone was fine with that. Jobs were shifted to accommodate my schedule and I was able to go away knowing that I would still have clients when I returned. I also know that after having such a relaxing break from real life, that I am now going to do an even better job in the coming months. Vacation time is a necessity.

What I Learned From Being Away | http://lifeawesomeblog.com

A Cuppa Will Fix Most Things
Whether your cuppa be coffee or tea, it will fix most problems in your life. Sitting there with that warm cup in your hand allows you to pause and to focus on what is happening in your life. Having one with a friend and talking about whatever ails you is a lovely thing. By the time your cup is empty, things have usually been sorted out. And while we are on the topic, what is up with all of us North Americans rushing around with our coffees to go? Why are we not giving ourselves the fifteen minutes it takes to actually sit down, undistracted, and enjoy that hot beverage? Australians have it right – sit, relax, drink that cuppa and then get on with your day. I am vowing to do this from now on. Everyday before my computer is turned on, I’m going to drink my coffee while reading one of the many books or magazines that I claim to have zero time to read.

What I Learned From Being Away | http://lifeawesomeblog.com

No Internet Ain’t No Thing
For the last couple of weeks while we were away, we didn’t have a ton of internet access. At first, I was a little panicky about it. I felt that I had to be in constant touch with my people. I just HAD to post all of those photos on Instagram, otherwise…. Well, otherwise, what? Really I didn’t have to. Instead we enjoyed the moments better. We were not distracted by our phones to then miss out on the real life things happening right in front of us. For our true honeymoon part of the trip, we slept in basically a treehouse in the middle of a rainforest and you bet there was no wifi there. And you know what? I loved it. It was relaxing. We spent better quality time together and it was perfect. We have always had a rule in our house that no phones are allowed in the bedroom. I never want to become that couple that lies in bed scrolling through their phone immediately upon waking . I want to be a couple who actually talks to each other. I love the idea of having “no internet” time at the house.
What I Learned From Being Away | http://lifeawesomeblog.comThe Best People in Your Life Will Come at the Most Random Moments 
Some of the best people that I have in my life are those that I met at the most random of times. You often don’t realise it at the time but years later, you will think, “Oh right, that is how we met!” In 2005 I photographed a friend’s wedding in Vancouver. At the time Josh was living there and I crashed with him on the trip (we were not dating at the time, obviously!). Josh came with me to the wedding and we were seated at the “misfits” table (you know what I am talking about!). At the same table sat a girl called Katie who was there as a guest of a friend of the groom’s. Ten years later, we traveled to Australia on our honeymoon to witness Katie marry Rob. Today I cannot imagine her not being in my life. Two years ago when Josh and I traveled to Mexico, we ended up spending time with the Tequila Tromba crew. There we met more Aussies called Bianca and Matty. On this recent trip, we stayed with them at their home in Melbourne and our friendship grew. Everyday we meet new people and sometimes, just sometimes, the most random of them become lifelong friends and that is a pretty magical thing.

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