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I had a pretty big day yesterday photographing for one of my favourite clients. There were two events and in between them, I raced home to download photos and to send a couple key images to the clients. Woo-weee! There were a lot of people involved in the running of the events and a lot of media people also documenting it. There were three things throughout the day that I experienced that surprised me and they were thoughts that wouldn’t leave my head as I was trying to fall asleep last night.

1. For the evening event that I photographed, there was a red carpet portion. If you have experienced one of these before, you know that for them there is a spot that is cordoned off for media people to stand with their cameras to then capture the talent coming through. Myself and another photographer were the main people there and we were invited early to also document other aspects of the event. As a result, we got our spots on the red carpet first. Just as the red carpet was set to begin a media guy rolled in and immediately starting complaining about how us media people were “being treated” in that there no spot given to put our bags, etc. He acted all uppity as though he was someone who deserved better. I told him that there was a coatcheck close by where he could put his stuff and he replied, “I’ll just put it on the floor, I guess.” He was then pulled out a smart phone and that is what he used to take photos. (You can imagine how good they were in the end.) If you are a media person and you want to be taken more seriously, maybe you should consider showing up with proper, professional equipment. Just an idea.

2. I was hired by my client to document the events for them. A girl who worked for the agency who was facilitating the day asked me who had hired me and then told me how it was a bit annoying for them since they usually hire their own photographer. She told me that they usually do this so that then they have the photos for their own use. I explained that the client likes hiring me because they then have the images and have full control over them. She didn’t seem to care about my explanation. She then asked me to send her all the photos, as though it was nothing for me to do it. She was placing zero value on my work and also placing zero respect to the fact that the client, both mine and hers, was the one who was paying me to create those images. Friends, this is not the way you go about working in life.

3. The photographer who I was working side-by-side with for the red carpet told me at the beginning that he didn’t really know anything about the event that we were shooting so he wouldn’t know who the people were. On the red carpet steps up two women and a man. The women were people I had shot earlier in the day. The other photographer took his photos, I took mine. He then asked the ladies to step aside so he could take a photo of the man alone. Yes, he was a prominent person but guess what? Those ladies have gold medals under their belt which is more than most athletes in that room had. They are kind of a big deal. He had assumed that because they were women, that they were unimportant. I disliked him for that.

Life Awesome Blog

Morals from the day:

1. We are all equal. It doesn’t matter what you do in life or who you are, you should always treat each other with respect and never allow your ego to lead before you.

2. Be good. Be respectful. Understand the value of what people do, especially when what they are doing is something that you would like. Understand that people have priorities other than yours.

3. Women rule. We are strong and powerful and we should be recognized as well.

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