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It seems like a good number of people in my life right now are in need of a whole lot of love. There are some big life changes happening with these people. It almost feels as though in the past couple of months the earth has shifted a little.  We have all been tipped a bit, given a little nudge. What are you doing? Where are you going? Are you happy there?

A Lot of Love | Life Awesome Blog

I believe that with any of life dilemmas, your heart and guts will always tell you the best way to resolve these troubles. They are smart and they know what direction you ought to be headed in. If you listen closely enough, they will steer you exactly where you ought to go.

But it’s hard sometimes. It’s hard to make big life changes. It’s hard when you wake up one morning and realise that perhaps this life, the life that you created, is not as you imagined. And with that realisation comes great fear. Most often people are too scared to follow through when their heart and guts send them a message. It’s just so darn easy to stay in bed, to shut out their noise and to continue floating through life. But you really shouldn’t. Life is for living.

A couple of times a week, one of my studio-mates goes to Aquafit at the rec centre near our studio. He always comes back from the class with funny stories to tell. This week’s tale was about the two boys that are often swimming with a lifeguard in another part of the pool while the Aquafit class is taking place. This week, the boys got a treat and the lifeguard had turned on the big waterslide for them to go down. Apparently it makes a lot of noise so everyone in the Aquafit class noticed it. At one point, an older lady in the class said to the instructor, “Hey! Why don’t we get to use the waterslide?” Surprised, the instructor replied, “Well I don’t know… did you want to?” A few of them agreed that they would so next Tuesday at the end of the Aquafit class they are all going to get a go at that two-storey waterslide. I am imagining a bunch of people aged sixty-five and up, climbing up to the slide, their hearts pattering, likely feeling a little scared and definitely a little excited.  They will line up, one by one and take a turn. I bet most of them have never even been on a waterslide before. But they’re going to do it, all of them. They’ll face that fear and in the end, they are going to have a great time doing it.

If you sense a change in your life, if you feel the urge to make a move at something. Do it. Really listen to what your heart and guts tell you and then promise them that you will listen. Making these life changes won’t be easy but in the end, you’ll be a better person for it. Life is full of twists and turns. It’s part of the fun. It’s part of the challenge and it’s what makes this wild life worth living. Enjoy it. Embrace any fears. Let them ride along on your journey. And when you doubt yourself, just imagine a bunch of senior citizens riding down that tall slide. That ought to bring a smile to your face and give you the courage to keep going.

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