Look After Yourself

Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Hey friends, I have an announcement: I want you to look after yourself.

I say it and I really mean it. My friend Amber will tell you that there has been some transitions in the sky as of late. The moon and planets are playing around with us. The change of seasons. Spring equinox. All of that fun stuff that affects our daily lives (should you choose to believe it). Maybe it is because of these things that I have seen a lot of turmoil as of late. A lot of people close to me and some whom are not close but who I witness, are not doing so hot. And I really want them to. I want everyone to do well in this life and I know that at times this world can be not-so-easy. I recently blogged about these people needing a lot of love but now this ditty is about some tough love.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Here’s the thing. If everything in your life appears to be falling apart, I am going to tell you this: it’s not everyone else’s fault. The actual culprit is you. You’re doing something wrong, whether it be your attitude, your life choices or how you are treating those around you. You need to stop. Sit down. Have a cuppa and really assess this. How do you feel? What’s in your heart? Are you listening to it? Do you love yourself? If you don’t, you need to make all the changes necessary to start. Living a good life begins with first loving yourself and treating yourself well and from there, that energy floats out into the world and touches those around you.

I see a lot of bad behaviour these days. Going out and getting wasted at the bar that you work at. Being so drunk that you fall down and injure yourself. Acting out as though you’re a toddler. Picking fights with everyone around you. These are all things that tell those around you that you are unhappy. That you are not feeling loved. That you don’t respect yourself. These are not normal behaviours. They need to stop now.

The awesome thing about this world is that you are in control of your own life. You have the resources around you to live the life that you dream of. Go out there and make it happen. It won’t be easy. It will take work. But nothing good is worth accomplishing unless you have to put some elbow grease into it.  If you really truly want to be successful at something, you can be with time and energy put into it. Want to open that coffee/gift shop, that you have always dreamed about? Do it. But know that you will have to invest money (preferably your own that you earned and not something from a GoFundMe campaign) and time. Train. Work. Learn the skills. Do everything necessary to accomplish this. You want something? Go for it. Work for it. Earn that accomplishment. Do it for yourself because that’s what your heart and guts tell you to do.

But do know that just because you like doing something, doesn’t mean that you should do it or that you are good at it nor will there be a guarantee success with it. You may fail at what you set out to do but in those failures, you will hopefully learn a thing or two about yourself, about the world, about business. Take that knowledge and run with it. Those failures or mistakes that we make in life often open doors that we did not know even existed.

Here’s a thing to remember as you embark on all of this: it’s just you. This is a personal journey. This is you looking after you and it should not affect or take over anyone else’s life. Yes, your best friend should be there to console you on a particularly bad day but she shouldn’t be expected to be there every single time that you take a misstep. You cannot be that selfish. You need to understand that everyone out there is on their own journey for themselves. Their focus is not you, it’s them. Support them in that and they will reciprocate. But never forget, this is a your own trip.

Look after yourself. Treat yourself right. Cut down on how much alcohol you are drinking. Get more sleep. Stop having unhealthy romantic relationships. Eat healthier which means eating actual whole foods and taking the time to not only prepare proper meals but also sitting down to enjoy them. Exercise. Get moving. Exercise. The truth is, we are all getting older and your body (and mind!) will not be able to withstand all of that bad behaviour for too much longer. Love yourself. If you are a physically-abled person, it’s your right to treat that body of yours well. Do it.

Be good to you. Take yourself home early from that night out if it will mean avoiding any potential negative events. And skip the poutine on the way there. Love yourself. Be content with yourself and the choices that you make. Treat those around you like gold. Life will get better and brighter and you will accomplish great things because of these choices that you have made. You are capable of great things, I know it. You just have to find your way to them and it begins with looking inwards.

So look after yourself. Treat yourself a little better. Imagine how much better the world would be if we all had with that extra love in our hearts. There would definitely be a hell of a lot more light.

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