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Jess & Josh by Chris Buck


When anyone asks me who my favourite photographer is, I answer without hesitating, “Chris Buck“.

When I began studying photography in the late nineties, I was always drawn to him, likely initially because he is a fellow Canadian but then there was more to it. His quirky portraits of (most often) famous people stood out to me. There always seemed to be more going on than what first met your eye. The first time that I saw him in real life was back when I was a Uni student and he did a lecture at the Art Gallery of Ontario. He came out on the stage that evening wearing giant red clown shoes and I was sold. He was the real deal. In 2010 I got to see Chris lecture again, this time at the Gladstone Hotel as part of Contact. I then friended him. He said he loved my photos of young children. I then asked if that meant that I would get to photograph his family and a couple of months later Chris, Michelle and Olive were in my studio for a session. I photographed my favourite photographer at my own studio. Since then, we have kept up a nice friendship. When he is Toronto, we drink gin martinis and eat good, sometimes bad, food. In 2014, Chris took photos of Josh and I. I was photographed by my favourite photographer. The session was an almost anti-engagement portrait session for us and I loved the experience of being on the opposite side of the camera to him. He has taught me things about photography and a lot about life and I value the friendship that we have. He is an incredible person. Always pushing himself with his photography and also always pushing those around him to also do better in their own lives.

Jess & Josh by Chris Buck
Jess & Josh by Chris Buck

Chris is currently running a Kickstarter for his upcoming book called Uneasy. The book contains images from his thirty years of being a professional photographer and I cannot tell you how excited I am to hold it in my hands. Chris has this ability to draw things out in his subjects that I have not seen many photographers capable of. And through these portraits, we gain a little insight into who these famous people actually are. Little nuggets of their personalities. I am happy to support Chris in this endeavour because I believe in it and think that it is something important for the world to have. You can read more about his Kickstarter here.

And Chris, I think that we are due for updating your family portrait!

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