That Busy Thing

That Busy Thing


You say, you’re too busy. I say, you’re wasting time.

Because you clearly aren’t doing enough.

Because people, whose time is actually fully consumed, aren’t complaining about it. Because they are living their life – fully – and taking care of business along the way. Because they don’t have time to complain about how hectic their lives are. Because they are doing it. Taking everything on. Living that life that they have carved out for themselves. Reaching for the stars that they are aiming for. They don’t have time to stop to complain. To say, poor me, I’m busy. They are actually living life.

Run Away

“I’m busy” is such a negative connotation. It says, “I’m too consumed by things that are overwhelming me that I cannot enjoy a minute of it.” I absolutely dislike that.

I live a full life. I am a full-time photographer who works for myself. In an ever-changing-over-saturated-photographer-filled world, I am constantly busting my ass for work.  I am also working hard on really creating something with Bartender Atlas, something that in itself is becoming a full-time endeavour. I also manage my studio where I have five tenants (want to be the sixth?! I have an opening! :). On top of that, I manage a few social media accounts and websites for others. I also have a husband. One who most often works the opposite hours of me which makes the relationship difficult at times. And I have friends and clients and family who are dear to me. And I have a studio/other home/my kind of church where I do my pilates and Essentrics and all those good, juicy things that keep me healthy and moving. My life is full. But do I complain about it, saying simply, man, I am BUSY?! No, silly. Because this is the life that I have chosen. Because these are the things that I have chosen to do with my time. Because, while not every minute is sunshine and rainbows, a heck of a lot of it is. And while being self-employed and having my hands in a lot of things, means that often my days are jam-packed, you bet I still have time for you. My best friend buys a new house in the country? Of course, I am going to take a night off for a sleepover. My nephew is celebrating his fourth birthday on a Monday at noon at Chucky E Cheese’s? You bet I’m there. (I mean, who says no to Charles Entertainment, really?!). My friend living on the other side of the world, in the land of Oz, needs tech support at the most opposite time of the day? Skype is logged in and I am ready to help. Because that’s what you do. Because people who live full lives, always manage to suck a little more time out of them for what is important.

And while it may not always work out. And sometimes it’s a matter of making money to pay your bills and missing out on something that matters, or not, that’s okay. Sometimes we are not magicians and we cannot do it all. But being busy will never be an excuse for that.

And I’m not saying all of that to brag it out. To ask for a gold star. And I am far from perfect – I sometimes forget to call people back and sometimes I take a little longer than acceptable to send an email as I promised. I’m just saying that I’m a normal individual, just like you. I may not have four kids but I do have a heck of a lot of other things g’n’o*. I’m often juggling a lot of things and my To Do list is ever-growing. But it’s no bigs, we got this.

I had coffee with a friend last week where we were talking about doing a collaboration with projects that we are each working on. She said “How the hell are you managing to work on all of these different things at once?” Without giving it a thought, my instant reply was “Oh, you just do it.”

And you do. You make your own life happen. You can sit around complaining about being too busy to do X, or, you can simply make it all happen. I want to be the latter. I am the latter. And I want to surround myself with people who are the latter. Together, we are taking on the world and that is a wonderful thing.


*g’n’o is something that I say a lot. Goin’ on. Josh tells me it’s not that cool to say and that most times others don’t know what the heck I mean by it.

4 Replies to “That Busy Thing”

  1. You nailed this on the head! I call it the “glorification of busy” – people constantly talking about how busy they are, while sounding so checked out of life! I tend to think more like you, in that I live a very full life and while it does keep my days jam packed, I don’t complain about it, and I always make sure to find time for more.

    1. Exactly! We don’t have time to complain because we’re too busy living awesome lives!

  2. Exactly! My life is packed to the gills, and I love every second of it, even if some days it leaves me feeling a little topsy-turvy. I read somewhere recently that the societal “we” are constantly saying “I’m too busy for that” when what we usually mean is “that’s not a priority for me right now,” which is much more difficult to say. I’m really working on re-phrasing my own narrative around being “busy” to highlight that I’m curating the life I want for myself by being honest, and prioritizing how I want to be spending my time.

    1. Yes, yes, yes!

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