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The cool thing about opening up your life to others is receiving things back from them. People in unexpected places reach out and it’s a wonderful thing. Since my last blog post, I have received many messages from people, both those that I know really well and those whom I don’t. Messages of support. People thanking me for being open and honest about that topic. People telling me that they find themselves in the same situation. People are reading and talking about that no kids thing and I love it. (I even got more hits from my Instagram post to the link than there were likes on the actual photo so you know, thanks creepers who are creeping on my life! Say hi next time! I see you. Let’s talk! :P)

Opening Up | Life Awesome Blog

Opening up your life and having real honest conversations is not an easy thing. It’s so much easier to keep it all inside and attempt to bury the important things deep. The thing is, doing this is so bad for our beings. It’s bad for your mental health. It’s bad for your physical health. When you open up to real issues that are weighing on you, you set them free. You release them for others to grab onto and then do something with. This is something that I have really learned in the past year. Being open and honest makes your life truly better.

It’s not always easy to talk about serious things but it’s a lot better than letting them fester and stew (especially if said issues are about someone in your life, the more you let them stew, the more the actual truth gets skewed). Let’s slow down with the small talk and let’s start talking about real life things. I gently push you to. It doesn’t have to be on a public platform like I have chosen here, it can be a simple conversation with your partner, your friend, at your next ladies wine night. Anywhere works. You just have to be vulnerable and open and let any fear step aside. I guarantee that once you start talking, you will find an ally in whatever is weighing on you and holy heck, that will feel good.

Life is for living and living well and that is hard to do when you are carrying around too much baggage inside. As we roll into the impending family time of the holidays, this is all especially important and it can begin with you. I encourage it.

(And please do let me know how it goes.)

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