A Stirring

The Wild Unknown Nightingale


Have you noticed lately a stirring everywhere? It seems like everyone I talk to lately is feeling this. Something getting stirred up inside. Something in their guts that is new or has maybe been buried for a while and it is getting brought up to the surface. A lot of people seem to be on the cusp of change. Of making big and small changes to their lives. They are quitting their jobs and starting work in a completely different field. They are moving to new cities and creating a new life. They are standing up for their beliefs or a cause close to their heart more vocally than ever before. Everyone seems to be standing taller. There is this urgency in it. A stirring. Some voice inside our head that is saying “I believe in you. You are on the right path. You are strong enough. Now, enough talk, let’s do this.”

On Friday, there is going to be a huge stirring in the world. A new President in the USA and the entire world will be affected by that. I think that the reality of this has woken a lot of people up. This change is going to massively affect a lot of lives. It is forcing everyone to really think about the world that they want to live in and then pressing them to do something to create just that. I think that the reality to this situation is finally becoming realised and with that the notion that there truly is no more time to waste.

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This stirring is a wonderful thing to witness and to take part in. It feels so good to do what your heart and guts are urging you to do. To be a part of something. To stand up for yourself and your beliefs or for what you think is important. To do something that makes you feel good. That you feel you are meant to do. If you feel that stirring – something deep inside -I encourage you to bring it to surface. Bring it up, sit with it, listen to it, learn from it and then make your moves. The world needs you, your voice and what you contribute to it and there is no better moment than now to start acting on that.

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