An Ode to a Chair

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Dear Big Yellow Chair,

I dreamt of you before we ever met. I knew that I needed you in my life and I would often dream about what you would look like. Something big and robust. Something with character. Something beautiful. That babies could be placed in. That beautiful women could lounge in. I dreamt you up and then I went searching outside my mind to find you.

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And searching I did. Every vintage and antique shop I could find, I looked. I searched all around Southern Ontario seeking you out. Just when I was at the end of my patience, there you were. Tucked in the corner of a little shop in Campbellford. The second that my eyes fell upon you, I knew. I gently sat down on your seat and felt, this is it. You were in such great shape and your neutral yellow upholstery was even better than I envisioned. I then stood up and took some steps away to glance at you from afar. So that I could imagine all of the people that would soon grace you. As I stood there in my imagings, the woman in charge dropped your price from $250 to $200. She clearly feared that I was going to walk away from you but had she looked into my eyes, she would have seen that it was love. You were mine.

I brought you to your new home at my studio and you fit right in. Little girls squealed when they saw you and called you a throne. Babies leaned on your arms and you held them securely. Kids came year after year to be photographed with you. Together we documented life and growing families. One wild child choose to dance it out on you and thanks to your springs inside, she bounced right off. (No, she wasn’t hurt.) One day Drake‘s security guard sat in you for hours while he watched a movie on his laptop.

The people you have held and made feel great is immense. Thank you for coming into my life. You did an incredible job. More than I ever imagined. The memories we have together, the images we created together are magic.

xo Jess

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  1. You are such a beautiful person. Also, I hope you kept the chair 😉

  2. That was truly a wonderful day.

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