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It’s 2017! A lot of people have been asking me how I am doing. They say “How do you feel now that you don’t have the studio?” As though it has been gone forever.

The truth is, I don’t feel as though it has been that long. I turned my keys in on December 21st and from there, I was whisked into the madness of what is the holiday season. Family time. Road trip time. Friend time. Catch up on sleep time. Last week was my first week back at it – this work thing – as I imagine was the same for a lot of you. And it was fun, easing into this new life. Working a new routine for me. And yes, it feels really great. I know that I am onto something.

When I made the decision in September to get rid of the studio, I imagined in my mind, this new life opening up in January. I didn’t make any resolutions for the year because I think that they’re silly. (How about we just vow to do good things to better ourselves and those around us all of the time?)  I could see the vision of this new life come January so clearly and I am happy to say, it is coming to fruition. So how was my week? Let me tell you. (And no, this post is not meant to be a #humblebrag or anything of that sort. I’m just sharing, because a lot have asked and because sharing is caring.)
First Week | Life Awesome Blog

Every morning I woke up, pulled an Animal Spirit card and then mediated for at least twenty minutes. I do this in the quiet of my new home office while my bartender husband sleeps away. Knowing I have at least an hour or two of solitude is pretty magical.

Every morning this week I ate a jar of breakfast because we were organised enough to make them the night before everyday.

I did not eat a meal out once this week (minus a lunch meeting that we had on Saturday), including takeaway coffee and cheeky croissants that I am known for getting without giving it a second thought. Everything that I consumed was in-house. My body and wallet are happy for this. Those $3 coffees really do add up and truthfully, I enjoy the ones that I make a home that much better (plus there is no extra charge for almond milk!).

I went to a Pilates or Fusion class five days this week at MISFITSTUDIO. Some days I would go first thing in the morning. Others I would work from home in the morning and then take a break midday for a class. One day, I went in the evening and even bundled up to walk there. I am recognising that with my daily meditation, this form of movement is something that is required for me in life. Both my body and mind crave it. They need it and I am better for doing it. Plus #butt and #abs. (If you live in Toronto and are curious about MISFIT, join me at a class sometime. But seriously, actually. Contact me and I can let you know when I am going.)

I read a newspaper. A whole, entire newspaper – the Saturday edition of the Globe & Mail. Part of my rules for this new life is to read more and to be more up-to-date on the world happenings. This means that now on every Saturday a real live newspaper gets delivered to our door. On top of that, each morning, I read a minimum of two articles from the New York Times which I also got a subscription to. Media is changing and the way we consume it is changing. Having these subscriptions supports these publications to continue doing what they do and it further encourages me to keep in touch and on top of what is happening. I think that it is our responsibility as citizens in this world to understand what is going on in it.

This week, I blogged here. I blogged on my photography site and I got a ton of work done for Bartender Atlas. A ton. I always thought that I was productive in my life. Being self-employed for so long has taught me to be. But with this week, I feel as though I have been more productive then ever. I feel motivated to do good. I feel motivated to start projects that I have dreamt of doing. I am blowing through my To Do lists. I am putting myself out there for new work. I am engaging with others. And all of it is working. I promise you: put it out there and you will benefit from your efforts.

From the process of these past few months that have brought me to today, I have learned that change is good. That sometimes you do not even realise that you are in need of it. But when you feel the pull and some extra encouraging nudges, whether they be from your guts or from those around you, I say: listen to them. Something good will come from that. You will feel new energy. New inspiration. And from that, new doors of opportunity will open up.

So that was my first week. In between it all, I was able to road trip it to visit my best friend and her family and even photograph a couple of job. Life is good. This new life is good. My new home office is good. This change was exactly what I needed.

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