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I love Melbourne, Australia. Love it. It is definitely in my top three cities with Toronto (duh!) and Mexico City (duh!) in there with it. I am fresh-ish off the plane from returning from Australia where I spent nearly a month traveling around. We dedicated the first week of that trip to Melbourne. It’s a city where I believe that anyone can feel at home. That is easily accessible. That offers enough of everything for you to be forever entertained and curious. I was thinking more about just why I love Melbourne so much and I realised that it come down to three things: Art, Breakfast and Coffee.

Melbourne Graffiti | Life Awesome Blog
Melbourne is known for it’s graffiti alleyways. You can get lost in them while wandering around. Some of the art changes. Some of it stays the same. But through it all, you see different styles of technique and different materials being used. You can find alleys of art all throughout the city, not just in the CBD. Little nuggets of beautiful expression can be found everywhere. A city that embraces their creative members is definitely a great one.

Melbourne Graffiti | Life Awesome Blog Melbourne Graffiti | Life Awesome Blog Melbourne Graffiti | Life Awesome Blog Melbourne Graffiti | Life Awesome Blog Melbourne Graffiti | Life Awesome Blog

My favourite meal of the day is quite possibly breakfast/brunch and this is likely due to one food: eggs. If you don’t like eggs, I am going to assume that you are not human. They are a staple in my daily life. Melbourne does breakfast and especially eggs, right. First off, they have cafés everywhere and a café is not the standard coffee shop that we have here in North America. Cafés in Australia, especially in Melbourne, are beautiful spaces that open early and close in the late afternoon that put out the most beautiful and delicious food you can imagine. It’s all you will ever want to eat. And on every menu at these cafés, you will find poached eggs and toast. A standard staple that is perfection. Add a side of avocado or haloumi and you know that all of your dreams are capable of coming true.

Melbourne Breakfast | Life Awesome Blog


Melbourne Breakfast | Life Awesome Blog
Stagger Lee’s in Fitzroy is the absolute best for when it comes to amazing food in Melbourne.


Melbourne Breakfast | Life Awesome Blog
Stagger Lee’s in Fitzroy – I mean, just look at that beauty! It’s art on a plate and tastes so so good.

I love coffee. I love it so much. It’s a big part of my day. It’s a part of my morning ritual. I dream of coffee. It’s my one true vice. In the past I have worried about consuming too much of it thinking that it was doing damage to my body. For the past week I have been suffering from immense jet lag and while I lay in bed struggling to fall asleep, my heart would be pulsing erratically and I worried that it was the coffee until I read that jet lag can also be the cause of this. Phew! (And since conquering the jet lag, this heart thing has dissipated, no need to worry!). Melbourne is the city of coffee. Of good coffee. Of the stuff that you can consume throughout the day and never feel ill from. They take their coffee serious here. Their baristas are treated like superhumans (only a slight exaggeration). Since coming back to Toronto, all I have been craving is a good Long Black – and the occasional Flat White. Our lousy Americanos here in Canada just don’t hit the spot anymore.

Melbourne Coffee | Life Awesome Blog

Melbourne Coffee | Life Awesome Blog
Auction Rooms in North Melbourne = SO GOOD

Melbourne Coffee | Life Awesome BlogNote: The above travel cup is my newest obsession. I would say that after my Nexus card and my Fuji X100T camera, this has been the best purchase that I have made in the past couple of years. This thing is everything that I want in a travel cup. It’s perfect for takeaway coffee. The liquid stays warm but most importantly: IT DOES NOT LEAK! Yes, it’s a GD miracle. The push button on the top opens the drinking hole and when it’s closed, you can throw this baby in your purse, full of hot liquid, without a worry in the world. It’s genius. I love it. We all know that we need to stop using so much plastic and we should all know by now that takeaway coffee cups are a part of the big problem. You really ought to get your hands on one of these. Frank Green, you are a genius. Pure genius. (It is terrifying how much love I am putting into this little cup.)


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