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I have a few things that I do every morning. I have been doing most of these things for a while now and it has just become a sort of routine. It wasn’t until the awesome Shawna Turner brought it up one morning in our Meditation & Writing circle that I realised this routine had a better name: morning ritual. That week in our circle she spoke about the importance of setting up a morning ritual. Something consistent that you do everyday just for you. I remember realising, hey, I already have that going on! But giving it this name, elevated its importance and helped me realise how much I need those quiet moments each morning. I know how much better my days are when I give myself that time of stillness each morning.

So each morning I wake and tiptoe out of our room while my bartender husband continues sleeping for a few more hours (when he goes to sleep four hours later than me, this is totally reasonable!). I grab my journal**, my carved artifact from the scared lands of Australia (more on that another time), a crystal and my phone. I settle in on my couch and cross my legs. I feel the breeze coming through the windows. I hear the birds chirping outside. I open up the Insight Timer app on my phone and start the timer for 15 minutes. Holding my artifact in one hand and the crystal in another, I meditate. Sometimes I settle right in immediately and I go places. Other mornings, it takes five minutes or more to really get there. I breathe. I relax. I feel things. When the timer goes to signify 15 minutes is complete, I open my journal and I write. Some days it is “I have nothing to say today.” Other days, pages of words pour out of me. But no matter what, I write something. The words that come out are sometimse groundbreaking for where I am at at that moment in my life. Sometimes they stop me and I think “wait, I held the answer the whole time?!” It’s powerful what can come out when you just allow the words to flow naturally and unedited.

From there, I get up, make a Bodum of coffee and head to my office. Before settling into the day’s work, I pull two cards from my favourite decks – The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit and Chris-Anne’s Sacred Creator’s Oracle. These cards then sit on my desk, right in front of this computer where I currently type and they set the tone for the rest of the day. Today I pulled the Oyster and Bravely Market Your Magic. I am ready for this day.

Morning Ritual | Life Awesome Blog


I travel quite a bit and when impending travel gets closer, I always worry that this morning ritual of mine will be broken up. And with a change in this routine, my life will fall apart, right?! (Ha!) While when traveling, what you do or are capable of doing may not totally resemble your morning ritual at home, as long as your intentions are there the results will be the same. In April I spent nearly a month traveling in Australia. The first week was spent exploring Melbourne and we crashed in the living room of our friends’ condo. Meditating there each morning amongst their family life was not an option. But having quiet moments of drinking coffee and writing in a cafe with my husband each morning was. Then while visiting my dear friend Katie’s family in Queensland, doing my morning ritual before anything else was not an option as her girls would wake me in the morning just so excited to hang out. I would then wait for a couple of hours until they were at school and the house was quiet. Then while camping in the desert in the heartland of Australia, my morning ritual became one of the most beautiful moments of my life where I would wake before sunrise, grab my things and hike up a rock to sit in silence while overlooking the vast barren land there. Last week, we spent a week at a resort in Antigua and I had no idea of what to expect from it and was delighted to discover that we had a large balcony overlooking the ocean, enclosed by palm leaves and a thousand new bird sounds as an orchestra. (My morning ritual on this trip also included my camera to attempt to capture those birds that I was hearing!) This week our eleven year old niece stayed with us which meant that my morning ritual became an evening one as I waited until she fell asleep to give myself that time for me.

Morning Ritual | Life Awesome Blog

What is your morning ritual? What do you do for yourself each morning to set the tone for your day? Whatever this ritual looks like – whether it takes place in the morning or evening, whether it lasts five minutes or thirty – just do it. I believe that it’s truly important to gift yourself with it each and every day no matter what.


**I am obsessed with the Decomposition Books (no coil!). The pages are a great size and the book lies flat which is awesome for lefties like me. I cannot recommend them enough….. hint hint… if they ever want to send me any, I will gladly fill them with all of the words. 😛 cannot


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