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Childhood memories are funny things. The ones that we hold onto and carry into adulthood sometimes seem unusual. Out of everything that you experience, why do some moments stick out more than others? When I was ten, my family went on a big road trip throughout the USA and back. It was a massive trip for our family. Travel is fun, especially when you are a kid because everything is new and exciting and so away from your regular life. Staying in hotels is fun. Staying up past your usual bedtime is fun.

I remember one night on this adventure in Brownsville, Texas. It was nighttime and we were sitting in lounge chairs around the hotel pool. I don’t remember swimming, it was likely too late for that. I just remember sitting there which is a strange thing for three small kids to do. Actually, if I am honest, I don’t remember anyone else being there. But they had to be. I could not have been alone out there as a child in a strange place.

Barn Owl | Life Awesome Blog

Looking up at the palm trees, sitting at that pool, it was peaceful. There was suddenly a loud ruckus that broke the quiet and a large group of Green Parrots flew above. Following them close behind was a smaller group of Barn Owls. Their backdrop the dark sky, the pool lights illuminating their heart-shaped faces. They appeared to be glowing. They appeared to be filled with magic.

The Barn Owl is telling you to look for the light. Within the dark, you will find some, even if it’s just a glimmer. The positive with the negative. The light with the dark. It’s a balance in this world and a secure knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow.

*The image in this post is from an installation Pneuma by Floria Sigismondi that was at Toronto’s Nuit Blanch in 2016. It was stunning to say the least and you can see a video of it here.


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