Packing for a Month (Plus)

Packing for a Month | Life Awesome Blog

For the past couple of months, I have been collecting things for our extended trip to Mexico. To say that I am excited for this adventure is a gross understatement. I cannot wait to wake up in our apartment beside the ocean. I cannot wait to fill our days and nights with everything that we love. To carve out a new routine and to really focus on ourselves and our lives and all that we want to accomplish.

To go live in an unfamiliar apartment is a bit strange. While we have a general idea of what it looks like, you really don’t know a space until you are actually in it. So besides all of the obvious things like clothing and toiletries, I want to bring some things with us to make it fee like home and to help us with our intentions for this trip.

Packing for a Month | Life Awesome Blog

Oracle Cards
I’ll likely be bringing four of my favourite decks to play with. The two most new to my life are pictured here. The Native American Oracle Cards and the Broadbent Sisters’ Clearing Cards. I have used Tarot cards since high school and while I love them, I love the freedom and ease of oracle decks where there are no rules or suits. I usually start each day by pulling a card from each deck. It sets the tone for the day and often gives me something to contemplate throughout.

Essential Oils
This will be my greatest conundrum when I do my final pack for our trip: what essential oils to bring along? I am a bit of a junky when it comes to my oils. What will definitely be in my suitcase are the WAKE, MEDITATE and SLEEP blends that I create for Golden Blue. As well I will definitely be bringing Doterra’s On Guard blend which is amazing for keeping colds/sickness away and Frankincense.

I love burning candles. I grew up in a home where we had them lit every night for dinner. I find them calming and that they really set a mood. I picked up this Red Sky Rodondo Beach candle and it has been killing me to not light it until I get to Mexico.

Like essential oils, I have a lot of crystals at home. Out of all of them, I definitely have some favourites that will be coming along for the ride including my Citrine and Lithium Quartz (which I use when I meditate every morning). For this trip, I specifically sought out some crystals to bring with us. I wanted to bring some new stones that would help to set a tone for our intentions for the trip and for 2018 as a whole. I chose Labradorite and an Agate Geode. Labradorite is a stone that I actually wear nearly everyday. It is thought to symbolize both the moon and the sun. It assists with change, promotes strength and perseverance and encourages unconventional and exciting new methods to attain one’s goals. For the Agate Geode, I love the idea of it being our own little world that we are living in and that we continue to create and shape.

Resistance Bands & Exercise Tools
Since I won’t be able to go to MISFITSTUDIO like usual, I wanted to bring some tools to still stay active. This includes resistance bands and a yoga mat. MISFITSTUDIO recently released subscription-based videos so you can now do their classes online which I will definitely be taking advantage of.

Both reading and writing books will be aplenty in our suitcases. I have a bunch of books to dive into, including this adorable Pocket Pema Chödrön that was given to me by my friend Katie. I have this Worker Bee Supply journal with the plan to make it the journal for our trip where both Josh and I can contribute to.

Bluetooth Speaker
Because music is life! I love this little iHome speaker. It’s adorable and portable and the sound from it is great.

I have this fear of being away from home and dying of starvation. While we are traveling to Mexico – which I also dub the “land of snacks” (seriously, every tope or speed bump has someone selling some sort of food or drink, I swear!) – I am still planning on packing some snacks just in case. I love Cliff bars for long days when I am photographing. The sugar and protein hit the spot quick when nothing else is available.

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  1. You are so right, Mexico is the land of snacks! We are just back from 3 months there and are planning on heading back there for even longer next year. Where will you be staying by the ocean? That’s so exciting, I hope you have a fantastic time. Definitely spot on with taking some home comforts to make a place your own.

    1. Hi Tanya! Three months?! What a dream! You are giving me goals to live up to! We are in Puerto Escondido now for the rest of January and it’s a little slice of Paradise.

      1. Have a brilliant time. Look forward to checking out photos and posts from Puerto Escondido.

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