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Creating Space | Life Awesome Blog

Since being in Puerto Escondido for nearly a month now, I have been thinking a lot about creating space. About making a place your own. Creating something special and sacred just for you.

At home my office is this for me. It has my beautiful things like my crystals and my oracle cards and my piti hand carved by the women from the Australian desert. There is my Himalayan Salt Lamp and my essential oil diffuser. My candles and my tiny faery lights. Small meaningful knick knacks. Art on the walls. Light that I am familiar with. Everything that I love. I have created this space, this sacred space for me. To be productive in, for my morning rituals, for everyday life.

Before coming here to Puerto, I was worried about leaving that space. Isn’t that a funny thing? I knew that I couldn’t pack up that room and bring it along. I also equally knew that I couldn’t bring certain objects out of fear that they may not return home after the trip.

So I was careful and cautious about what to bring. And I was also determined to create a similar space in our new home, if even it is home for just a month of our lives. I chose some favourite crystals and oracle decks. I packed my Palo Santo. Bought a candle from Red Sky and I was set.

Creating Space | Life Awesome Blog

Immediately upon arriving at our apartment here, I knew the spot where I would create this space. A corner shelf where the morning light shone in, creating patterns over these objects that I had brought. My alter of sorts. Every morning after my meditation, writing and stretching, I stand here. I light some Palo Santo and that candle, I open my heart, I shuffle my decks. I give thanks for the upcoming day. For the wisdom in the cards. And then I put the coffee on!

I believe that creating space is incredibly important. It can be a windowsill or a shelf. Hell, it can be half of a shelf. Whatever space you have – no matter it’s size – make it yours. Fill it with meaningful things. Set intentions there. And everyday spent a few silent minutes with it. This place can be your sanctuary. Where you go to breath. To let out emotion. To contemplate a difficult situation. This space that you create, it can be whatever you want it to be. It can look anyway that you want it to be. It can include anything that you want it to include. All that I ask is that you make it yours.

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