And here we are, at last: Puerto Escondido

We have arrived | Life Awesome Blog

And here we are in Puerto Escondido, only one day late. We arrived last night just as the sun was dipping over the horizon. Me overdressed in my Oxfords with socks and jeans. Wearing these things in an attempt to make my luggage as light as possible. As usual, I had overpacked some.

We left our home at 3:30am on Tuesday ready for the adventure. We had got a ridiculously cheap flight for this trip, one that included a tight layover in the Mexico City airpot. But we are good travellers and have been ones to sprint through airports in the past. As we were waiting to board our first flight in Toronto that was to leave at 6am, I said to my husband, “There is room for no error on this trip.” An hour later, I was regretting that statement. Flight after flight was delayed. With the first one, the airline immediately booked us on our flight to Huatulco… for the following day since it was obvious that we would be missing our connection. It was an inconvenience but at least we had a plan and could laugh about all of the following mishaps. Eighteen hours after leaving our home in Toronto, we arrived at a hotel in Mexico City, courtesy of the airline.  An inconvenience but we made the most of it. What else can you do? We awoke early, took advantage of the hotel gym, had a feast at the buffet (chilaquiles for the win!) and we were off the airport for more waiting, for more delays. By now it felt like a given. If you have any questions about the domestic terminal at the Mexico City airport, just ask, I know that place well. (For example, get wifi from the Taba’s Bar – buy a drink or a snack and get that code! We did it years ago and the same password still worked for me yesterday). At least our luggage was not lost.

So we flew into Huatulco an hour (and a day!) later than scheduled but within fifteen minutes of touching down we were in a taxi on our way to Puerto Escondido. (Pro tip: walk the five minutes outside of the airport to get a taxi. It will save you about 1000MX). Our driver was a race car driver but I have never felt safer and he got us to our apartment just as the sun was disappearing over the horizon.

We have arrived | Life Awesome Blog

Our home for the next month is even better than I thought. It is exactly as I dreamt about when I first put this idea into fruition about six months ago. I woke at 3am to the sound of a rooster. His call seemed incomplete and my sleepy thought said he was broken. The sounds of the roaring ocean waves lulled me back to sleep until 7am when the first light broke.

I love arriving at a new place at night and waking up to discover just where you are. We woke up in a paradise. Surrounded by palms and trees. Calls of unfamiliar birds. And there, a five minute walk away, the ocean.

I am happy. This is exactly what I wanted. And now we are here and this is our home for the month (minus one day). My one complaint: there is only one hammock on our balcony, I am anticipating many thumb wars and Rock-Paper-Scissor competitions in our future.


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