New Routines

Isn’t it incredible how quickly we fall into a new routine when life alters? Us humans are so incredibly adaptable which is, I suppose, one of the reasons that we reign on this planet.

We have been here in our apartment in Puerto Escondido for nine days now and within a couple we had settled into what this life looks like. We quickly found our rhythm.

Back home in Toronto we oftentimes live opposite lives. Josh goes to sleep four hours before I awake. In fact it is rare for us to ever go to sleep at the same time given our conflicting schedules. Even on days off, he finds it hard to go to sleep at my midnight bedtime. It’s all about balance and we make it work.

Being here in Puerto Escondido means we are operating on the same clock for an extended period of time for the first time ever. At first I was scared about what this would mean. What if we were too in each other’s faces? What if we got sick of one another? What if we spoiled the other’s plans/vibes/ideas for the day (or even the trip)?

Before we flew down, we talked about our expectations and hopes for the trip. About the projects we each wanted to work on. About how we visualised our days being spent. We set this vision out before leaving the snow and guess what? We are living the dream. Our dream. Our vision.

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Mornings will forever be my favourite. Mornings of silence and easing into the day. Mornings of reflection and stillness.

Each morning here, I get out of bed and head out to what I have dubbed my meditation nook of our apartment. Somedays there is only the sound of the breeze and neighbouring chickens. Other mornings, guests staying in the cabins below are starting their day by making breakfast in the outdoor shared kitchen. Regardless, there I sit in silence before doing anything else. Then I stretch and do my exercises for a good forty minutes on the verandah. Listening to my body and to what it needs more of that day. Then I start the coffee and while it’s brewing, I burn some palo santo and pull my oracle cards for the day. At this time, Josh arises and heads out for his daily beach run.

I then sit at the table admiring the view and get started on the real guts to my day. I catch up on emails and the news and then I get in deep. I write. I work on Bartender Atlas. And throughout the hours of sitting here, I am continuously distracted by any bird that flits by. I have my camera on-hand ready to capture it so I can identify the species. I’m up to twelve already just from this very spot. The White-winged Doves first come by, occasionally stopping for a rest in a distant palm. Then the Magnificent Frigatebirds soar above. Next are the Vultures, prowling for dead things. Showing off their incredible finger-like feathers.

I sit here until I can sit no more. Until no new words can escape my brain. Then it’s lunch time, often some variation of tortillas, rice, beans, avocado, quesillo. Then we work a little more before calling it a day. Before changing into our suits and heading for a swim in that beautiful ocean. We wait until the sun is less hot on our freckled skin. We jump through waves. We float in that salty ocean. We lay in the sand with books.

Sometimes we dream about how our lives could be different if only we lived in another place. Another time. Sometimes we dare to dream these dreams aloud. And sometimes, we take it a step further and live them, if even just for a little while.


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