Best Places to Wake Up

(And to fall asleep)

In November when we were in Los Cabos, Mexico and I woke up in a dreamland there, I began thinking of all of the places that I woke up to that were equally dreamy. Over the past 6+ years, Josh and I have traveled together to some pretty amazing locations and I must say, I have a pretty good knack for picking awesome places for us to wake up to (and fall asleep in). So with that, here are my three favourite places to wake up (besides our own home!).

Chan-Kah Resort Village in Palenque (Chiapas, Mexico)

Palenque is not an easy place in Mexico to get to but it is definitely worth the effort. The main reason to visit this part of the country is to experience Palenque – the most incredible ruins located in the middle of the jungle and Chan-Kah is located just down the road.

By no means is Chan-Kah a fancy resort but it’s very Mexican and it’s IN THE JUNGLE. The resort consists of casitas which means you have your own little house. Surrounded by trees and plants, you feel like you are in another world. When we were there, Agoutis – an animal new to me – were hanging out everywhere. But the best part are the Howler Monkeys. It took us a couple of nights of sleeping there to realise just what those wild night sounds were. Toucans and Painted Buntings and all kinds of other birds are also plentiful here. But most importantly: you are sleeping in a jungle (in the comfort of a cozy casita!).

Chan Kah Resort, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico | Life Awesome Blog

Cockatoo Hill Retreat in the Daintree Rainforest (Queensland, Australia)

Just like Palenque, the Daintree is not a super easy place to get to. Located in the North-Eastern most corner of Australia, it is where the paved road from the South literally stops. But should you have the chance to visit the Daintree, grab on to it tight. This is probably the most magical place that I have ever traveled to and I think about it literally everyday.

Cockatoo Hill Retreat consists of only a few treehouses which means it is a very quiet place to stay. In fact, when we went there on our honeymoon, we were the only guests for those five nights. The treehouses overlook the Coral Sea and what lies under the surface is that beautiful Great Barrier Reef. I am admittedly a morning person and one who loves her alone time which works perfectly well when married to a bartender who sleeps in, allowing me a few quiet hours each morning. The sunrises from Cockatoo Hill were maybe the most spectacular that I have ever experienced. Each morning here, I was awoken by that beautiful golden light and I would slip out to the verandah with a cup of coffee while Josh snoozed inside.

As a lover of birds, the greatest thrill of being here was experiencing Cassowaries close up. They would literally walk under our treehouse each afternoon and I cannot describe to you how cool I thought that was. On bad days, I just have to think of my time at Cockatoo Hill and all my worries seems to slip away.

Cockatoo Hill Retreat, Daintree, Australia | Life Awesome Blog

Acre Baja in Los Cabos (Mexico)

Acre was probably one of the most luxurious places that we have slept in all of our travels. Sometimes you have to treat yourself. Acre is a fairly new hotel and every single detail of it was thoughtfully done. Acre consists of twelve treehouses as well as a beautiful restaurant and bar that always seemed to be bustling (mostly with beautiful tourists). There is a citrus grove and a big garden where they grow much of the food that is on offer here. The grounds have a beautiful pool, goats, donkeys and peacocks that roam the ground. Oh, and they foster dogs that are then available for adoption. There is morning yoga included with your stay, as well as a dreamy breakfast (hello chilaquiles con mole!).

Besides all that is the incredible treehouses hidden amongst the palms, barely visible from the ground. Our treehouse faced West so we would catch the sun as it dropped behind the distant mountains in the evenings. And as it began to rise in the morning, I was awoken by the sounds of Great Horned Owls calling. Throughout the day, the light dappled through the sticks which acted as siding for the treehouse and hours could easily slip by as you watched that light prance across the space. The outdoor shower was the icing on the cake.

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