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New Year Card Spread | Life Awesome Blog

If you are a lover of Oracle or Tarot cards, this is for you! On the last day of the year or on the first day of the next, I love to do a spread with my cards for the coming year. I mention this spread in the book that comes with my Birds Oracle Deck and it is inspired by The Wild Unknown.

This spread includes a card for each of the coming months as well as one that sets the tone for the entire year. I love to have it as a way for me to prepare for the coming year, to understand what is potentially coming and to really set a feeling for each month.

If you are new to pulling cards, I will walk through this spread with you. First, get in a quiet place where you can sit and just be. Take some deep and full breaths and really become present in the moment and in your body. Once you feel grounded, start shuffling the deck.

There is no wrong way to shuffle or cut a deck – you do what feels good to you. Everyone has their method. For myself, I shuffle until it feels right, until I feel a little tingly. From there, I cut the deck into three piles using my non-dominant hand and then I stack them up back into one. Once the cards are in one pile again, you are ready.

I like to draw my cards face down and then turn them over at the end, but again, you do you! The first card drawn goes in the middle. This card represents, a theme or tone for your coming year. You then begin to draw a clock of sorts with the cards: the next card drawn goes at the top and the continue drawing 11 more cards to complete your “clock”. That top card represents January, the next February, the next March and so forth.

New Year Card Spread | Life Awesome Blog

Once all 13 cards are drawn, you can turn them over (if you haven’t already). If you know some things that are coming up in the year, such as travel or weddings or other big events, some of these cards drawn may make you smile. I have had friends use my deck who later comment on how scarily accurate their card draws were. This makes me smile knowing that any card drawn is a result of your choosing, energy and intention. Just like many things in your life, you have the power to create great things with yourself. Use these cards to help you with the coming year and months. Set reminders in your calendar each month for them and when something in your life really connects with the card, take notes.

I wish you all the best for this coming year!

with gratitude x jbs

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