Our Story

I have always been a believer in big love. I mean, for the past ten years I have been photographing weddings. I have witness the greatest of love and I have captured it with my camera. Throughout the whole process, I never really thought of my own big love until recently.

Josh and I dated in high school. We went to prom and all that fun stuff. We broke up near the end. Why? Neither of us can remember. But in October 1998, I did write the following in my journal:

So we spent our twenties living life independently of one another and fourteen years later we reunited. We questioned just why we had not done it earlier. Everyday I am thankful that we made the jump (again). Everyday we wake up laughing and I cannot imagine a day without him. This is our life awesome.


Update: We’re getting married! Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 is the date. (It’s no joke!)

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