That Jury Duty Thing

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I am sitting at the Superior Court of Justice as I type this. In September, I got the letter that I was being summoned for Jury Duty. The dreaded letter. Months (a year?) prior, I had filled out the form and didn’t think much about until until the letter arrived. And now here I sit, […]

Real Conversations

Real Conversations | Life Awesome Blog

The past few weeks, heck the past couple of months feel like a blur. At times I felt that I was operating on autopilot, just getting through the task at hand in order to cross if off of my To Do list so I could then move onto the next thing. I would wake up […]

Our Buddy Gord

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I am a pretty patriotic person. My husband Josh often makes fun of me for it. But I don’t care because I fucking love this country. I feel so grateful that out of all of the places in the world, that I was born here. We are not perfect and we have a lot of […]