This is Sunday

This is Sunday | Life Awesome Blog

  Sundays are for lazying around in pyjamas. For reading. For drinking coffee. For soaking in the sun. For reflection. And for catching up. For peaceful quiet and preparation for another week. Sundays are for you. And for me. For family. For the ones you surround yourself in. This is Sunday. My thesis in my […]


Stillness | Life Awesome Blog

  Being jet lagged has its perks. Yesterday I was up at 3am until 8am working away while the rest of my life was silent. It felt strange but also felt right. I discovered that the birds start singing at 5am. That the first light breaks through at 6am. Today I awoke at 5am after […]

An Ode to a Chair

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  Dear Big Yellow Chair, I dreamt of you before we ever met. I knew that I needed you in my life and I would often dream about what you would look like. Something big and robust. Something with character. Something beautiful. That babies could be placed in. That beautiful women could lounge in. I […]

Chris Buck Uneasy

Jess & Josh by Chris Buck

  When anyone asks me who my favourite photographer is, I answer without hesitating, “Chris Buck“. When I began studying photography in the late nineties, I was always drawn to him, likely initially because he is a fellow Canadian but then there was more to it. His quirky portraits of (most often) famous people stood […]