Brave | Life Awesome Blog

  My friend Reena lent me a book to read last week: The Moth Presents ALL THESE WONDERS – True Stories About Facing the Unknown. I was reading it last night before bed and I came across this quote that made me pause. “Brave men are always afraid. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s […]

A Stirring

The Wild Unknown Nightingale

  Have you noticed lately a stirring everywhere? It seems like everyone I talk to lately is feeling this. Something getting stirred up inside. Something in their guts that is new or has maybe been buried for a while and it is getting brought up to the surface. A lot of people seem to be […]


Studio 303 | Life Awesome Blog

  It’s a season of change. Talk to anyone these days and there seems to be some sort of change in their lives. There’s movement happening and it’s both exciting and scary to witness and be a part of. I am also currently riding in this boat of change and it’s a big one. One […]